Best Garden Blogs Magazine coming to you soon

Suppose, the Best Garden Blogs from all over the world, started their own magazine?

Would it be a hit? Would it be filled with pages and pages of your outstanding photos?

There aren’t enough garden blogs featured in magazines. How can we inspire gardeners if they can’t see our gardens. We need to get exposure in your mailbox, at the grocery store, and on book store shelves. My goal is to see us in the magazine rack as you check out at the local market. How many people can we convert? Can we set the world on fire? Well I think so and my email box is full of people who want to participate in the first ever.. Best Garden Blogs Magazine.

It hit me many months ago, why not start a Best Garden Blogs Magazine! Brilliant! A monthly magazine owned by the garden bloggers who collectively showcase their gardens month to month. Printed material is satisfying and easy on the brain. Internet is good but printed is better.

We like to share tips and photos of our accomplishments. We do so on our blogs and now lets join together and put it in print. It has been a little over a week since I launched the idea and it is spreading like wildfire making me more excited than I can contain. Your garden will arrive in mailboxes all over the world.

You can sign up to be one of the first subscribers—reserve your copy–and even buy pages,  1/4 pages, 1/2 pages to full pages—- guarantee your blog a spot in the beautiful pages of Best Garden Blogs Magazine.

Wanna get the scoop—-visit our website….Best Garden

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  1. gardenfrisk says:

    Love the idea. Do you have any garden blogs that involve kids and gardening? We’re in Florida and besides working our own organic garden at home, we’ve started one at our school!

    The kids absolutely LOVE it. As “garden coordinator,” I’ve even put together some simple lesson plans for the kids to use in class. So far, so good!

    Fellow wordpress blogger @ BloominThyme!


    1. Hi Bloominthyme–yes for wordpress! , I do know some who blog about children’s gardens. I will get back with you on that. Good for you being a garden coordinator.


  2. Alice Joyce says:

    I’m on-board Anna!


    1. Yea Alice–I’ll keep you posted! I’ll let you know if and when we go to print so you can sign on if you want to.


  3. I’m a magazine editor, a lifelong gardener, and a new blogger. Sign me up!


    1. I am enjoying seeing you post here and at my friend’s blogs. You are fun and a joy to read. Thank you for your support. I’m going to need it to keep the momentum going on this project. Don’t be surprised if I come begging for ideas and your expertise.


      1. It sounds like a fantastic idea, and I would love to be involved!


  4. Scott says:

    That’s a great idea…I love finding new garden blogs, and this would combine gardens, blogs and magazines…the 3 biggest parts of my life mwahahahaha!


    1. I hope you will be one of the first to sign up when it’s ready to go to print.


  5. Great idea Anna! Wishing this project great success!


  6. Very exciting, FGG. I would volunteer my garden, but hey, it’s not magazine worthy. I need inspiration and that’s what you and your magazine are for!


    1. Karen, not so–your land is very magazine worthy and you are capturing it beautifully on your blog. I loved seeing it in the snow. I will send you a copy iffen and when we go to print. Love ya!


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