Those glowing white creatures are reindeer


I was trying hard to get a photo of my house at night with the Christmas lights all aglow and then here in all their glory are the more than obvious reindeer. They sorta look angelic or they sorta look madly electrified.

If you decide to copy what I’ve done, you’ll need about 20 strands of lights and umpteen extension cords. You know that stringing more than three sets will cause a fuse to blow somewhere and it’s usually in the plug.

Getting a burnt fuse out of a plug is kinda like digging a badly embedded splinter out of the center of your brain. Dropping the new fuse in the grass, rocks, and mulch is a given. Fishing it out is a frustration only equal to being constipated.

Mr D is not really fond of this process. He likes it when all is said and done but during, it’s like he needs prozac. He’s not an outdoor guy except when he rides his Deere…..then it’s like someone experiencing freedom from life. He just rides along on the slowest speed and the only thing missing is a pillow and checked pajamas. The man loves to mow.

The display above took about 4 hours. I know….doesn’t look like it but Mr D and I have a a hard time communicating. I say –go there and wrap the lights round and round. He hears….go there and space each row exactly 6 inches apart, 10 lights to each row, and every tree must end up exactly the same.

While he s doing one—I go ahead and do the other ten. Then…we move to the deer and thankfully my oldest was helping that day and we got those deer up before Mr D had plugged in his one strand.

Next are the boughs above the entry outer and inner. I need help here cause I’m too scared I’ll fall off the ladder and break something I’m going to need for the rest of my life.

The outer bough is made from magnolia leaves which I stole from someones discarded limbs that were sitting by the road. Steal might be a strong term since I knocked on the door and ask if I could have some of the magnolia leaves he had put by the curb to throw away. I only ask cause son no.1 is a stickler for doing things right and he was along to help/do it all.

I came home and strung them together and then ordered/ask the menfolk to get it in that artistic shape. It drapes down the left pillar and then swoops to the second pillar where a few feet of it hang down the other side. I was gonna do that all the way across but magnolia leaves are hateful. I didn’t want to see another one after only 10 feet.

The inner bough has been around since baby Jesus laid in the manger and Mary had it draped on the entry to the barn. I got it at her garage sale and it’s been in our family every since.

I have used it every place we’ve moved but had a tough time plugging it in on the journey out West. I couldn’t get Mr D to pedal the bicycle generator long enough to light one strand much less the 5 that are on there. Today, 3 work.

They were on the first Apollo mission but the whole shot was in black and white and they landed on the light side of the moon so it wasn’t used that year. But I can say my bough flew on the Apollo’s first mission to the moon.

So you can see why that bough is so special and gets that space right over the door.

I don’t know what I’ll do next year to top this—I mean it’s so fantastic and all.

Merry Christmas everyone—Santa is on time…..he checked in with me earlier today as we do each year. He was brewing the recipe for folks who live in NC and appreciate that kind of thing. I love it when he stops by for drinks.

So long and leave your light on…………oh—-Santa went eco friendly this year…..he’s got to stop every 200 houses and recharge. His suit is all natural fabrics and Mrs Claus packed him a snack of organic North Pole freshly harvest assorted salad greens. Santa lost a few pounds this year. He’s still jolly though.

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  1. Catherine says:

    I cracked up reading your description! I really love how you described Mr. D on the Deere, hilarious! I’m impressed that you’ve been able to fix the fuse in those lights. I tried on two this year, neither worked and so I had to throw them away. I thought they just put the fuses in the box for a joke đŸ™‚
    Merry Christmas to you Anna!


    1. It was so aggravating that next year we are going with flood lights—errrrrrrr.


  2. Becca says:

    Oh my gosh Anna!!
    I almost peed my pants….I laughed so much!


    1. You need to come visit some day—we will get the giggles and have a belly ache.


  3. Well, my dear, you are a quite a writer. I see where your son gets it. That was hilarious and MADE my Christmas. Thanks so much for that real life story all wrapped in love and southern charm. You’re the best.


    1. Oh Karen–this warmed my heart so much earlier–things were hectic for me and I find so much love in what you write. Thank you for that gift. I cherish the attention you send my way.


  4. So funny… Merry Christmas!


  5. Dear Anna, Your house looks magical and perfect for the season. I enjoyed your entertaining process! Merry Christmas! Warm Hugs.


  6. Merry Christmas to you and yours Anna.

    I wonder if Santa is on twitter?


  7. Linda says:

    Merry Christmas!!!!


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