Got cha! the Red-bellied woodpecker


It is truly hard to get a good shot of why this woodpecker is called Red-bellied. Well that is unless you have the patience of Job and have been sitting by your camera for hours on end. That would be me who got that shot and we do see a red belly. Just a tinge but it is there and is the reason for his name. This is a male. The female has a spot of grey on the top of her head.

He is so quick. It took me many moons to capture these images as he can pull those nuts out without much trouble. They love my nut feeder and it seems to be the most popular feeder at the moment. I like to brag on Diane Bell of our Wild Birds Unlimited here in Winston Salem, NC cause she is the best! Her store is the best. I’ve done a whole post on how beautiful it is–see the tab at the bottom of this post to see.

I know the woodpeckers appreciate me getting them only the best and most fresh.

Many folks get the Red-bellied and Red-headed mixed up. A Red-headed has nothing but a red head.

You can certainly see why this is called a Downy woodpecker and he she loves the nuts too. They all think I’m a bit nuts with my camera.

They break the nuts before pulling them out. I just want to clap for them after they’ve achieved this great feat as it is not all that easy.

Nuthatches such as this White-breasted are popular at the feeders. They like the nuts and the Best Blend by Wild Birds Unlimited. They are so entertaining as they perform gymnastics at the feeders. They are so nosey of what is going on.

The titmouse is a hoot. They are always in a huge hurry. I want to put some xanax in their food. Tell them to chill a bit. He doesn’t have his crest up which is quite unusual–in fact–I doubted myself that this is a titmouse–will ya’ll reassure me. I’m just learning my birds.

and a Merry Christmas to all. This is a card made by Mary and Dave Morris of Front Porch Ideas and More. We’ve become very good friends and they are bird watchers too and I just had to brag about the card they sent. Isn’t it beautiful. My Santa and snowmen have gathered round to get their photo taken with it. Thanks Dave and Mary.

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Anna,
    I just noticed that you posted a picture of our Christmas card here. That was so sweet of you.

    Love you bunches,


    1. Love you bunches too Mary–even I forgot I had posted it—and you don’t need to feel bad for not seeing it—-you have to come get me all the time when I’ve got something on your blog. I loved the little card and all the care that went in preparing it. It had a special place on my island countertop. And I still have it–forever.


  2. Great captures!! I am sure catching that gorgeous Red-bellied woodpecker made your day! Beautiful card! Merry Merry Christmas Anne.


  3. Beautiful shots of the birds! Your patience certainly paid off 😉


  4. tina says:

    A super good catch! Happy Holidays to you and yours!


  5. Great pictures. Those birds have the most gorgeous coloring. God’s impressive handiwork, yet again. Love it.


  6. StuG says:

    Awesome photos Anna. Nicely done. Makes me want to go hang up a peanut cage right now!!
    I did have a red bellied attacking my sunflower chips for a few days, but he apparently moved on to someone else. I’m sure he’ll be back though!


  7. I love the images of the woodpeckers, and your snowmen are so festive.


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