Your Small Kitchen Garden

Daniel Gasteiger at Your Small Kitchen Garden

Daniel reports, “The greenery on each side of my head is in my small kitchen garden – visible from the screened porch.”

Homegrown produce with NO hassles! I love that pipe dream, and short of paying someone to garden my yard, my approaches are as hassle-free as possible. I figure there are a lot of like-minded folks who want home vegetable gardens but who don’t want those gardens to own them.

I’ve written how-to articles for computer magazines and books since 1983. When I started blogging about kitchen gardening, the technical writer in me demanded a piece of the action. Your Small Kitchen Garden blog explores growing, eating, and preserving vegetables and fruits, with a considerable bias toward how-to, why, and keeping costs low. I try never to claim that my way is the right way to garden, but rather to invite readers to experiment.

The garden at Your Small Kitchen Garden

A kitchen garden is “small” when it only supplements your produce supply during the growing season. Mine is a barely raised bed that is 14′ by 28′.

I encourage readers not to take the experts too seriously. Some experts spew recommendations as though any other approach will result in disaster. Worse, without testing for themselves, gardeners repeat certain opinions until those opinions become dogma. Your Small Kitchen Garden questions the experts and challenges the dogma. In truth, you can make dozens of “mistakes” and still harvest abundant crops of delicious fruits and vegetables.

canned goods from Your Small Kitchen Garden

Daniel reports, “Your Small Kitchen Garden isn’t just about gardening. It also teaches how to prepare meals from your produce, and how to preserve produce for long-term storage. The larder is full after a good growing season.”

One of my favorite topics over the years has been to challenge people’s belief that vine-ripened tomatoes are dramatically better than tomatoes picked pink and ripened off the vine. I first wrote on the topic in a post titled The Vine-Ripened Tomato Lie.

Please drop in for a visit. I hope you find a few ideas to apply in your own garden, and I hope you’ll leave comments with ideas that might benefit other readers. My blog represents everyone’s vegetable garden; it is Your Small Kitchen Garden.

Gardening doesn’t have to be a spiritual or crunchy-granola experience; there’s nothing wrong with just gettin’ it done. But be careful. Gardening can grow on you.

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