Reflecting Ball in the garden

Time to start asking for Christmas gifts and a reflecting ball in the garden is a grand idea. I’m sure drawn to mercury glass this year. Some of the ornaments I’ve put on my Amazon wish list are made from that material. I think it’s cause of the memories from childhood holidays of the 50’s era. Anyone remember those old ornaments? Well Pottery Barn has an updated version and I’m pretty nuts about the look. It’s pricey but I do keep these sorts of things–for like–the rest of my life?

Do any of you have a favorite ornament this year? You can see my list on my sidebar—look for the little mercury snowman ornament—a big hint to my family who is wondering what to get me. Isn’t it cute?!!!

See my new adventure here:

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  1. I love those reflecting garden balls too, such a simple and interesting ornament.


  2. James A-S says:

    Hi Anna
    Lovely reflecting ball: always difficult to place in a garden so that you don’t only see a hideously deformed reflection of yourself grinning back as if you were in a hall of mirrors.
    I am speaking about myself, of course, I am sure you would look delightful no matter how convex the mirror…


  3. I grew up in Ohio and I swear every other family had a gazing ball in their yard. Of course, back then I didn’t know that they were called gazing balls. I just thought they were yard decorations. But now that I’m a tad bit older and wiser, I am loving the magical qualities of those old-fashioned gazing balls. I like your wish list, Anna. I hope Santa brings you everything your heart desires 😉


  4. There’s something mystical about those gazing balls…and your family can’t complain that you’re hard to buy gifts for!


  5. joey says:

    Garden gifts/books are indeed wonderful ideas, Anna. I can hardly believe the holidays are upon us and your reflecting ball is very tempting!


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