Last of the rose blooms


The last of the Knock Out© roses are reaching to the sky. This time of year they get a bit leggy. I’ll trim them toward the end of the month. In the spring, I’ll give them a dose of rose food. I like the Espoma products.

That’s my kitchen window in the background. The roses are beautiful when you look from the inside out. These roses are about 5 feet tall now but will get trimmed to a foot tall. I’ve left them that size before but am not too impressed with the bloom production. They do better if trimmed to at least half their size either early spring or late autumn.

Knock Outs need a monthly feeding. Do not get liquid fertilizer on their leaves as it burns them easily. I fertilize once in the spring with Espoma Rose Tone and then monthly with a balanced fertilizer. Too often and you’ll have nothing but green growth.

I control aphids with an insecticidal soup. Make sure you pick a true soap and not a detergent. Safer 3 in 1 also works as that is also a fungicide.

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  1. Joanne says:

    Thanks Anna for the good tips about how you produce such amazing roses. They look truly fabulous. The insecticidal soap that you suggested also works a treat as a care for orchid plants that I have planted near my rose bushes, as the less aphids that are on the roses the healthier the orchid plants are.

    Thanks again for the lovely pictures, Joanne.


  2. P.S. Anna, I love your pink knock-outs next to your kitchen window. I can imagine how pretty they are to see when you’re standing in the kitchen looking out. Ours are leggy also.


  3. Anna, Dave and I were just commenting on our knock-out roses and how nice that they are still blooming. Even though we’ve had a mild freeze, they still are blooming. Love that about autumn in TN. Thanks for the instructions on when to cut them back. I’ll have to give them a few more weeks to bloom before cutting them back.


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