The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For

Will she or won’t she post pictures in full pixilmania? I consulted with my late late late late late late late late grandmother shown here 2nd from left–Miss Rachel– and she confirms……throw all the pixels you have at them cause you’ve got enough to go around the earth for eternity.

My grandmother of the 1800’s married one of the most brilliant men, Aaron Bugher, to ever send his gene pool to Forsyth County NC. He was the son of  Eleanor Heinlein who was daughter of the famous George Heinlein of Pennsylvania.

People often ask me–where in this world did you get your creativity and mechanical abilities. Well…it was bred in me by a long line of successful men and women who knew nothing of failure.

They were inventors, steam boat builders, and the latter in our family designed the very first water treatment technology. The list of inventions and accomplishments in our family is a mile long.

Before we came to America, we were exceptional millers, gunsmiths, and other such things of that nature.

Never once have we stopped creating and I seem to have an extra dose as do my children. It tires Mr. D who is blessed in mathmatics and budgeting of millions of dollars but has no creative bone in his body.

So, I can not stop producing photos of mega quality, pixels, and grandness–because Rachel would come back and beat me half to death with half her brained tied behind her back.

I will continue to post photos free of watermarks, large logos, and the sorts cause it just isn’t my nature to gawdy up a photo I really just have to share. It will be stolen by some low life blog scrapper who can’t think for themselves. I really don’t give a flip.

I have a line of successful people counting on me to keep being creative and stop at nothing. So I hope I will rise to the top of the google rankings and whip the snot out of all my competition.

Take that you blasted son of a biscuit maker. You might steal my photos and blog content–but by George–you can’t be original—-you has been low life.

If you want to come after me and steal my stuff—you’ll have to go through my adoring husband first and he is really scary.

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  1. Ginny says:

    I like your attitude! I’ve been thinking a lot about this issue, especially after hearing this on NPR: ( I had thought about watermarking my photos but never did. I do think I’ll add a little copyright statement to my posts, but that’s it. Keep those creative juices flowing!


  2. Valerie says:

    I love your scary looking husband. Those people who steal
    better look out.


  3. Jen says:

    Wooo hoooooo!!! I’m happy to read this, you go girl. I’ll keep using watermarks as there are lazy realtors here who like to steal photos as well. Besides it gives me something to do in the early morning hours when I get up & don’t want to make noise that would wake the family and can’t go out & photograph the birds cuz it’s still dark.:)


  4. Gabriel says:

    I’m glad you’ve made the choice to stay. I was just about to leave a comment giving you my list of reasons to ignore the sploggers, but I’m very happy you found your own… I might use my list as a future post, so thanks for that as well.

    A couple of years ago I found out people were taking my work and using it in an attempt to make money, and started a blog in response:

    I abandoned the idea about a month later when I realized the theft was inevitable. It can only be dealt with by the blogging hosts and Google… sploggers use Google Adsense to make their pennies from our work.

    But the site’s still there, if you want to understand a little better what’s going on…

    It might make things better to know sploggers, literally, make only pennies a month.

    The website that stole your work is fairly typical, but at the same time fairly rare. I’ve seen my work on dozens of Splogs, a couple like the one you’re dealing with, but mostly Splogs are set on auto-pilot.

    Believe me, none of them make money off our work. They think they will, but they don’t. Eventually they get a cheque for eighty-nine cents and quit.

    From what I’ve seen of it, you have a successful and well-run blog that obviously means a great deal to you. I would have hated to see you lose it because of a bully.

    Most of the time low resolution and a watermark do work as deterrents. None of the photos on my blog are more than 80dpi, most are under the Internet standard of 72dpi. If a thief wants to take thirty minutes to crop out the watermark just so he can ultimately have a heavily edited version of my photo that cannot be published in a magazine or newspaper — both of which require at least 300dpi — then I hope they get nightmares from breaking copyright laws, but I’m not going to sweat it too much.

    And really, with or without markups, neither should you.


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