Repost w/updates, Bloggers up against a monster


Yesterday, I posted this article I wrote and then things got worse. I’m reposting it with an update. Yesterday I posted the link to the site who is stealing my content. Someone clicked on that link and immediately something started downloading to their computer. You can read the google link provided below but I have removed the virus link.

I have sent a cease and desist order to the site who stole my content. I also sent a letter to their provider. I don’t think it will help. I was going to send letters to their advertisers but that is dangerous. If you are found guilty of spreading false accusations about the said site, then all applicable court fees and damages will be applied.

I am considering taking my blog private. The problems is all those who link to me and the reviews I’ve written on books, plants, and sites around NC. Breaking those links is not only rude but also affects the google ranking for those sites.

So for now–I’m just in limbo.

Here is the original post:
A new era of blogging reared its ugly head this year and you may not be able to stop it. Google and Bing index your photos and pages helping to get the word out about your content. They snapshot your photos and when someone clicks on that they are directed back to your page. Wonderful—great–it’s how it’s supposed to work.

So what is different? The new sites take your photos and don’t direct the traffic back to you.

New sites are cropping up who copy your photos. They may or may not give an unlinked url to your website. They do advertise a full image of your photo and when clicked on will open to another of their pages. You never get the traffic and in most cases don’t get the credit.

See this ARTICLE from a google thread. The article is a guy describing what he’s doing and then there are comments showing how this has affected blog/website traffic.

It lowers your blog traffic because these sites can offer a large amount of photos for free and they have stolen your key phrases that once worked for you.

I use to get a lot of traffic for the ‘Incrediball’ hydrangea pictured above—now that traffic goes to a website who has stolen my photos. Consumers who go there will see a bunch of advertising but will not see a good article written about this shrub.

When you click on what says original source… get a new page open on the same site. It never comes to you who owned the photo.

The entire contents of my blog has been downloaded to these sites. If you watermark your photos–they’ll just photoshop them out. If you complain to the website domain manager then these crooks just go off and open another website.

Lots of complaints registered against these website but nothing can be done about them. Do you think this will be a threat to those blogs who make their money off of traffic? Yes–say a lot of people who quite their jobs because of a successful websites. Now they are shaking their hands in desperation as their content is featured freely on another site.

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  1. Gabriel says:

    There are a number of indignities we bloggers have to live with if we want to use the Internet. The most annoying ones are Trolls and Sploggers.

    Trolls are out to insult us, and start arguments for the sake of seeming clever. Sploggers steal our content because they believe they’ll become rich by doing so, or because they’re trying to steal our online identity.

    What you’re describing is called a “Blog scraper”, or “splogger” (spam blogger). I’m not sure about yours specifically, but most scraper sites are set up to automatically steal content based on keywords and tags.

    Most sploggers splog because someone has convinced them there’s money to be made off reposting our content, but there isn’t, so most of them quit very early.

    There’s actually very little you can do to stop them, if you have the time you can track down their service provider and make a copyright claim. If it’s a Blogger site you can go to and make a complaint. If it’s a free WordPress blog you can contact WordPress support, they’re very good at getting rid of people who steal our work.

    But it’s pretty rare a splogger will set up on a WP site, because we’re not allowed to have Adsense on our blogs.

    Bloggers have always been treated with a great deal of disrespect by company’s that use our content to make money. It’s amazing to me how little company’s like WordPress, Typepad and Blogger do to protect our content.

    I think the best thing people who use a lot of their own photos on their blogs can do is keep the dpi to a minimum and the watermark as large as possible… and, at the same time, pressure the blogging platforms to help develop the technology that will protect our content.

    The decision you have to make is: is the threat of someone taking a low-res photo of yours worth keeping a blog?

    …fight the power.


    1. Thank you so much and I enjoyed reading your blog–so what is your other site? And so you have a book? I appreciate you taking the time to give me advice about low resolution and watermarking—which is sadly just not me. All the wind is gone from my sails at the moment. Actually grieves me to mess up my photos in such a way–really takes away from what I want to show others. But I understand that is the only/best/who knows solution to stealing.

      Thank you tons.


  2. roger stoel says:

    Just put your website name across the bottom of the photo. Or Copywrite yor photo’s.


    1. Sorry Roger–neither of that works. My stuff has been stolen with both being the case. Nasty site for certain.


  3. Bren says:

    The only thing I can say is PLEASE STAY…. you are so creative and I know I’m not alone when I say I love your garden shares. WHo will bring warmth to the cold white snow covered gardens in Feb. and March????

    Always WATERMARK your images! They are gorgeous and it will for sure scare away anyone who was ‘thinking’ about reusing them.

    ((HUGS)) And wishing you the best dear Anna!


    1. Thank you Bren—some of my photos that were taken are watermarked. So I just quit doing that. They are going to take them no matter.


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