Is your vote for sale?


A couple of years ago, your vote was for sale. Do you remember? Some were ask if they would give up the right to vote if it was assured a million tax free dollars went to their bank account. How long do you have to ponder that question?

If you ponder it 2 seconds then where does your patriotism lie? If you ponder 1 second then are you more patriotic than the guy who pondered 2? What does your vote mean to you?

Would you sell out for 999,000? 500,000? $5.00? Or do you sell it for nothing–meaning you don’t go vote?

Lots of folks didn’t have to think twice about taking the million tax free dollars. They wanted the money. What do you think about them? Does that make you mad? You don’t care?

Are you more likely to vote for your favorite movie than your political leaders? Do you vote on the movie before you watch it? Do you read the reviews of the movie before voting? Can you name the actors in the movie?

Does your vote make a difference? Do you care that it makes a difference? Do you care that people died to give you that right? Do you think people had to die to give you that right?

How would America be different if we didn’t have the right? Would it be better to have a million dollars?

I’m going to make my voice heard cause I don’t want you talking for me. I didn’t have to think for one second about taking the money. I take the vote and I’m sure as heck not giving it away for free.

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  1. AngryRedhead says:

    I’m not living anywhere close to the edge of poverty. I have family and friends upon whom I can depend. I have good health insurance and reasonable debt (e.g., mortgage). I do not need the money as much as I need my vote. I wouldn’t feel comfortable judging someone who chose the money over the vote because they might have real reasons for wanting/needing the money. Voting is a right, not a requirement. The same is true of assembly and gun ownership.

    Since no one’s getting any money for their vote, everyone might as well go to the polls. Huzzah!


  2. I voted early and I’m happy to live in a country where I have the privilege to vote. Thank you for an excellent post, Anna. Thanks for speaking out. I am so appreciative of the men and women who protect our freedoms day in and day out…..and of their families who also sacrifice a lot.


  3. Randy says:


    I’m the same way not for sale. I voted 2 weeks ago!


    1. That’s right Randy!!!! NOT FOR SALE and NOT–definitely not for FREE. Go Vote!


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