‘Breathless Blush’ euphorbia in full bloom

The new ‘Breathless Blush’ euphorbia is extraordinary, compact, profuse blooming, and worth every penny. Just look at it. Here you see it in the foreground with ‘Diamond Frost’ in the back. You can see a tinge of pink in ‘Breathless Blush’. It also has a darker center to the leaves than ‘Diamond Frost’. Both are hard working euphorbias. That is ‘Crimson Gold’ coleus on the ground to the left. ‘King Tut’ papyrus is the grass with the graceful head.

My border of narrow leaf zinnia from Botanical Interests Seeds and ‘Breathless Blush’ euphorbia planted at the point and throughout the bed. Any of you following my blog are always amazed at how much my ‘Heritage’ birch has grown. It was about 4 feet tall in April 08. Do you see the pretty autumn color just starting to glow here in my part of NC? That’s a Shag Bark hickory to the left of the screen.

Hyacinth Bean vine grows in the background with ‘Breathless Blush’ set at the corner of the walk. That is ‘Diamond Frost’ in the background. And of course…the narrow leaf zinnia that is a must in my gardens for as long as I live. You can certainly see why I love both. The purple in the border is Mexican sage.

Nice to have you in North Carolina zone 7a today.

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  1. I’m glad ‘Breathless Blush’ has done well for you. I was extremely disappointed in mine–not nearly as great as ‘Diamond Frost’ has been. Maybe we didn’t have enough heat. I may try it again next year. Or may not.


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