‘Diamond Frost’ euphorbia steals the show today


Euphorbias are the girls strutting their stuff right now. They loved the recent turn to cooler weather and that dose of fertilizer from 2 weeks ago. They are huge with a span of 3 feet at least. I have ‘Diamond Frost’ and ‘Breathless Blush’.

I’m loving that the petunias are enjoying another round of blooms. They are always a deeper prettier color in the cooler days of autumn. Love how they mix with the narrow leaf zinnia.

My autumn mums look especially nice all bloomed out. I got them from Kevin Campbell at Campbell Family Nursery in Harmony, NC. He grew them and I’ve never had better! Long lasting and gorgeous.

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  1. Randy says:

    I don’t know how you do it but that garden bed is awesome! Saw a fence 60 ft long covered in Heavenly Blue Mourning Glories today wow!


    1. Thank you so much Randy and nothing beats a fence covered in blooms.


  2. I love euphorbia. I’ve only ever planted the “Diamond Frost” variety. I’ve only used it in pots and never in the landscape.

    The petuias and zinnias are pretty together! I love the smelll of petunias.


    1. Sharrieboberry….they grow larger in the ground. Give it a try next year. ‘Breathless Blush’ has pink tinged blooms and a dark vein running down the center of the leaves.


  3. barbara says:

    Anna, how very lovely! Your lovely home & garden make my heart happy! Thanks for sharing these pics.


    1. Barbara, thank you so much. I love that it makes your heart sing!


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