Following the Gardener’s House project

——-I’ll be posting updates to the Gardener’s House design weekly and you get to participate. You even get to see your ideas incorporated. I’ll post them and then we will discuss if it works or not. This is an interactive project and will be lots of fun.

I’ve invited several well known companies to join in on the project. Hopefully we’ll actually build this in the future. This is to be an example of what a home would look like if we were to return to gardening right outside our kitchens.

The large front porch invites others to sit and talk about their gardens and share the harvest. Kids play on the front lawn and listen to parents talk about garden techniques. This is a return to urban living that is inviting, fun, and productive.

Just you wait till we get to the inside design. I bet many of you will want to chime in on the mud/garden/work room. The kitchen, mud room, and screened porch flow together to create the perfect Gardener’s House.

I may even create a whole neighborhood of houses and have each garden fit that of the personality of the home. I’m counting on you to follow along and watch your ideas happen in real time.

There is a category for it on my side bar. See Gardener’s House. Actually I’m going to design 3 houses and you get to pick which one you like the best and also give suggestions. I’ll add those suggestions and then we’ll get comments on it to see what others think.

Here is today’s update. Do you like the stone pillars? Do you like the siding? If not–what would you like. Would you like to see the screened porch moved to the front porch? Do you wish it looked more country?

Let me know and I’ll work on it…..then tomorrow you’ll get to see your changes on the plan 😉

I’m using advanced Google Sketchup.

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  1. Betty says:

    Anna, it looks like you have some orange or yellow dwarf zinnias planted at front of the flowerbed..what variety are those and do they reseed? Do they come in yellow..Orange is not a color I tend to like but certain things I can’t resist.


    1. I think it was two different kinds—they both came from Botanical Interests Seeds. Best company to buy from. High germination rate. I planted them last year too and will even get more next year. It has become one of my favorite plants.


  2. Wonderful Idea Anna! lets make it happen!


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