Chrismoosetime Container

That’s a 30 foot tall tree in that 10″ pot. It’s the forest where the Chrismoose lives. This is so easy. The pot color makes all the difference and you must get this mushroom version to have just the right effect. And you must find a white moose  of course. I found him at Lowes Hardware. I could of put an angel in my pot forest but it didn’t seem as cute.

He is standing in a bed of snow. The snow is made from glistening garland also found at Lowes. 1/2 strand does one pot. Guess what? It lights up and the snow glistens. There is one 50 light strand wound around the base of the tree then garland added on top.  I got lots of smiling comments when I dropped them off this afternoon. There is also a white pansy off to one corner but it’s kinda overwhelmed by the snow.

It isn’t likely that this ‘Leyland’ cypress will reach full height and overpower the moose but it’s best to transplant in the ground after about a year. What a cute way to ring in the holiday season don’t you think? Yes, it’s early but I am donating 4 of these to an event taking place this weekend. I hope the lucky recipients will like my creation.

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  1. Genevieve says:

    Awww, Anna! Too cute! I love your white moose, and as you say – a moose is so much cuter than an angel.


  2. nancybond says:

    What’s not to love? How creative you are, and Chrismoose is sweet!


  3. Jen says:

    That is adorable! I’m teaching an afterschool gardening enrichment class and this might be a great project for the kids. I’m thinking dollar store trip! Did you get the cypress at Lowes too?


    1. I did get the cypress at Lowes, Jen. It was on sale for $4. Those resin statues are popular this season and I’ve seen them at the dollar store. Good idea.


  4. That little guy is adorable, Anna. Is he a soft, stuffed moose or the ceramic variety? Really sweet of you to donate several of these. I like your creativity very much.


    1. Mary they are the resin kind–so no breaking or getting crunched. Thank you!


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