Flower Border of Verbena Bonariensis

She said they seeded themselves in this flower border of Verbena bonariensis.  Sue of the Azalea Garden Inn in Blowing Rock, NC plants some of the prettiest and most colorful combinations for her guest. Every season the personality of this Inn draws visitors from around the world.

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You can see their rudbekia border by visiting my sidebar under Blowing Rock.

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  1. Gaye B says:

    This “weed” came up in my garden, but the deer left it alone and so did we. It bloomed all summer long, standing tall in the wind and we hope it goes to seed. I finally found out what it was and we love it. I’ve purchased some more seeds and plan to plant more, as it seems to like it in our Southern BC garden.


    1. Cover the root stock too with a good helping of mulch.


  2. Lynn Coulter says:

    I’d heard about Blowing Rock from reading the Mitford books by Jan Karon, but didn’t know about this inn–beautiful. I love plants that have that loose, wildflower-y look. Hope you’ll check me out over at The Home Depot Garden Club. I have a new garden column starting mid-June–I’m so excited! Look forward to following you, too. http://www.homedepotgardenclub.com


  3. Plot Search says:

    I am lucky enough that we have just started our own new building project and have been using your site for ideas for the landscaping I love it here!


  4. Scott Weber says:

    Love this…I’ve always wanted to have a huge swathe of these Verbena!


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