Complete Idiot’s Guide to Composting visits Hampton Inn Medical Park

You just never know when opportunity and connections join forces for something truly special. Chris McLaughlin, author of the websites A Surburban Gardener and The Vegetable Gardener, wrote a very informative and entertaining book called the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Composting.

The Hampton Inn Medical Park in Wilmington, NC is considered one of the finest in away -from- home accommodations. Me on the left and Stuart Capps on the right as I gifted him a signed copy from Chris herself.

Stuart and I are standing in the beautiful hotel lobby but the concentration is the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Composting.

Stuart requested use of pictures from my Wilmington photo album on this blog. Stuart Capps is the sales director for Hampton Inn Medical Park and we chatted a bit about the photos discussing me making a another trip to the area to take more pictures for their website.

After we were done discussing business, he asked what I knew about composting. He first came to my blog because of my Wilmington photos but stayed because he has a love of gardening too. Stuart had a question about the temperature of his compost pile.

I know a good bit about enjoying a savory cup of coffee as I did while visiting their breakfast coffee bar but I don’t know much about composting. I told Stuart he was in luck as there is an expert in my group of gardening friends. So I set about asking Chris McLaughlin for a signed copy to gift to Stuart. She agreed right away and soon the mail arrived with two copies. Chris had given me one too!

I packed the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Composting in my computer bag immediately so it wouldn’t get left behind. Stuart was surprised and honored that Chris signed his copy. He told me his compost pile is heating up and soon we were leafing through Chris’ book. He went about his busy day promising to get back with me in the near future about the progress of his compost and the useful tips gained from reading the book.

I took my copy up to the room–and set about relaxing for the evening…..

This is a down right entertaining book. Chris has a pretty keen sense of humor. You’ll learn about living mulch, cover crops, and beneficial microbes. I promise you too will feel like it’s a luxury hotel experience cause I’m reading it at home and it’s just as enjoyable. It will be a joy for you to read about composting whether at the Hampton Inn Medical Park or in your own bed—there isn’t much difference. This felt like my bed—and my bed is a plush pillow top!

The staff at Medical Park Hampton Inn and their housekeeping department are superb. I’ve stayed at 5 star resorts and this ranks up there with the best. Do you know they even baked fresh cookies and had hot popped corn at the lobby. That just made me smile every evening when we returned to our room and passed a plate full of homemade treats. And every evening—I read Complete Idiot’s Guide to Composting.

People are always asking me what kind of mulch should they use–well on page 135, it’s covered.

Chris loves worms so it’s no surprise that she has ‘Wise Worm’ information boxes throughout the chapters. Each box clarifies or points importance to a particular subject on the page.

On page 99 it will tell you what worms do not want to eat in the compost pile. Page 97 tells you what they do like to eat and some were surprises to me–like tea bags. I bet southern worms like tea better than their northern and western neighbors. I hope so cause we drink a lot of tea down here.

Stuart needs to read pages 38 to 41 as it deals with his temperature question which started this whole Hampton Inn Medical Park with Complete Idiot’s Guide to Composting. Have you read it yet Stuart?

From the Mini Moos to the friendly staff, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Hampton Inn Medical Park in Wilmington, NC. I highly recommend The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Composting by Chris McLaughlin because Flowergardengirl only recommends the best!

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  1. Stuart,

    First of all, congratulations on your anniversary! PLUS a new little one on the way ~ you’re blessed. My second grand-daughter (sugar-baby) was born 2 months ago and we’re enjoying her SO much.

    It thrills me to death that you like my book – it was great fun to write and we love our compost over here. You’re so right that you just have to get whatever ingredients you can find together (if you’re heavy on greens-find browns and visa-versa) and just tend to it a bit. I truly love this sustainable practice above all of the others because I’m truly making more earth. How awesome is that?

    Take Care and I look forward hearing about your composting adventure ~



  2. Stuart says:

    Anna (and Chris if you’re out there),

    With my 3 year wedding anniversary (today) here and the first birthday of my son in a few weeks approaching I have not found the time to read through the book thoroughly but I have been able to flip through and find important facts about the fall and winter season that’s coming up (less heat involved) as well as the relief that the book provides when I’m feeling like I don’t have the right combination of make-up to produce the ideal equation. Whether it’s the scrapes from the baby food we make, grass, clippings from the lawn, saw dust or compost starter, things inside are definately starting to eveolve. It really is an easier process than most make it out to be and Chris does a good job at making me laugh at the intimidation factor that most feel.
    I think it just comes down to the loving care and attention that we give to it, just like another child if you will. As long as I keep feeding and turning on a consistant basis all the garndening and landscaping I have planned will have plenty of “food” to start new life on a healthy and well fed foot.
    There’s a section about passing it on to your kids which I think will be great to have a side kick in learning to help, in our own little world, our big planet and the life that we want to grow on it.

    Thanks Anna and Chris for sharing and passing on lways to grow.


  3. Anna ~ What a wonderfully sweet post! I’m so thrilled that my book took the trip with you and your excellent pictures really show that beautiful hotel off!

    Thank you so much for the kind words ~




  4. Joey says:

    Great photo, Anna! From home to garden, your life is most complete 🙂


  5. Bren says:

    Great shots Anna ! Congrads on your new adventures – your photos make me want a cup of coffee! YUMMY!


  6. Wonderful pictures of the Hotel, you, Mr. Capps and of course Chris’s book Thank you for the share



  7. It’s interesting how things come together so well like this, Anna. You’ve been having fun, haven’t you?!!


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