Luna the albino alligator at NC aquarium

One of the most fascinating things to see at the North Carolina Aquarium Fort Fisher is , Luna, the albino alligator.

She’s quite docile and charming. Her pond is most comfortable with mist rising on the hour and temperatures just right. To achieve an albino, the parents must both have the recessive gene. The nest where Luna was discovered was destroyed by hurricane Katrina.

The man who discovered Luna’s nest says that he found several eggs carrying the albino trait over the years and sold them to aquariums all over the US . He has not found another nest like it since the hurricane destroyed this one.

Luna would not survive in the wild. She would be too visible for predators and she would get sunburned. But looks like she is most happy in her current home. The aquarium keepers are meticulous about her grooming. She gets a bath quite often to keep her charming luna appearance glowing.

Luna recieved her name through a contest held at the aquarium.

Also at the aquarium is a Nemo look alike and it was hard to get his picture. He was fast and did not like the flash.

Please visit your local aquarium or museum…..the animals and culture of our land and peoples are counting on you.

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