A little bit of Cypress vine goes a long ways

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This only took a few seeds to create the whole affect. Meandering across and up the front porch support pillars just comes as second nature to this vine. Sweet dainty flowers and leaves makes you wonder how it could become such a massive thing of strength. Meet the Cypress Vine that only takes a little bit to go a long way!

Hummingbirds love it! It’s not cold hardy to our Zone 7 climate but it will reseed like crazy. It’s not invasive according to this link and will not harm native plants.

It adds tons of charm to the Basket Studio at Poplar Grove Plantation just north of Wilmington, NC don’t you think? I’ve never seen one get so big. Vines across a porch are very attractive for certain.

If you make the picture larger, you can see toward the far end of the building. They tell me those two vines seeded themselves. They outgrew a little arbor that was located at that spot–and the vine grew and grew till it knocked the arbor against the side of the building. Looks awesome to me.

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  1. Hi Anna

    I’ve never heard of this vine before. I reckon it would do well over here. I like the fact it’s relatively easy to grow.

    Those blooms look similar to tabacco to me, though the foliage couldn’t be more different.

    I’ll remember this one.


  2. Jan says:

    My grandmother always had this vine in her garden every summer, and every time I see it, I think of her. It can spread (which is why my sister won’t grow it anymore), but it is so easy to pull out the unwanted plants that I think its spreading is a plus. Yours looks so nice.

    Always Growing


  3. Randy says:

    We have grown it a few times reseeding barely makes it as much as the year before. None out there this year as the reseeding usually is only one year here. Rain tonight or tomorrow. lets hope so!


  4. It’s an interesting-looking vine, Anna. I liked your last post, too–from Wilmington. Just a quick observation (and please know that I am NOT an expert or even claiming to be close to one!) about the zone you listed for the two posts…7A. I am in 7A here in Northern VA, Raleigh NC is 7B and Wilmington is just so, so different in climate that I needed to check the USDA zone map which says Wilmington is in 8A. I’ve been there & I know it’s much more mild…SO, are you mainly saying 7A because that’s your garden zone, where you live…or are you referring to Wilmington? Just curious;-) And please just ignore my comment if you think I’m not making any sense;-)


    1. I’m referring to my zone which is 7a. Guess I should of made that clear. I gave up on trying to explain NC zones cause Wilmington had a few frost this year killing much of what was supposed to be hardy to their 8 rating. You can’t trust that map for NC and take your chances if you try to do so for a zone 8 plant. That being said–I’ve got zone 8 plants surviving up against my house with an occasional 15 degrees outside.

      You made perfect sense and I like the conversation.


  5. I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a cypress vine, Anna. It sure is pretty. I didn’t expect it would have pink flowers. Our hummingbirds would enjoy that. I wonder if it grows in our area. Has a bit of an airy evergreen look to it. Very pretty!


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