When the sky turns red, white, and blue

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The setting sun painted an appropriate backdrop tonight over the Cape Fear river in Wilmington, North Carolina. The patriotic clap of glory sung true over the souls of those who served on the USS North Carolina of WW2 and shook hands with the currently serving men and vessel of the cutter Diligence. It was a hallelujah moment as the sky turned red, white, and blue.

I’m in Wilmington, NC taking some photos for a few special interests magazines and capturing the sights and sounds of the area for a hotel’s website. Makes my heart sing.

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  1. Betty says:

    I thought I had posted back in Sept. when I first saw that you had been back in Wilmington, but don’t see any comment by me. I grew up 3 miles from the Battleship location, over in the next county. My husband, an old USN man has to go on the Battleship every time we come home to see how much more has been opened up. A few years ago, it was taken out of Wilmington, sent to Va. to be refurbished I understand and returned. In an old dictionary that we had found when we cleaned my parent’s home out after her death, we found where Mama had recorded the date that the Battleship was towed into the Cape Fear River. She was recording history and didn’t realize it. She even mentioned and that was true, they hit a Seafood restaurant called the Ark that was located on Water Street while it was being towed into its permanent location where it would be docked. Have been on it many times.


  2. Stunning scene…and your words so perfectly illuminate the drama;-)


  3. Joey says:

    So lovely and so you, dear Anna.


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