Why I can’t stand living in North Carolina

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Oh gosh! some photos come out and you gasp at the loveliness. Isn’t my cottage grand! Wait…you were probably looking at the autumn color right?

Copper Top Cottage last autumn sits under the amber, reds, and golden tones of the tree canopy. I have this to look forward to in just a few short weeks. How can you stand it I ask myself?? Lots of things about NC are attractive but this is one of its best moments don’t ya think?

Every since I was itty bitty, I’ve looked forward to autumn and this year even more so. It’s been so stinking hot. I just don’t want it anymore. I want to smell wood smoke, taste fresh apple pies, and carve the pumpkin. Anyone else feel that way?

The flower companies and propagators are already contacting me about autumn shipments of new cultivars for fall 2011. Yippee! Oh how I love to get these new plants. I know you love reading about it. So I’m gearing up for that and my April Cornell back porch makeover. Stay tuned!

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  1. philip says:

    Copper Top Cottage looks so enchanting nestled amongst those magnificent trees with the copper foliage. Wow, what a setting! I love how the expansive laws come up to this majestic grove with CTC nested just at the border between the wild and the cultivated; It really is a picture.
    I am now following this blog!
    Big hugs!


  2. Joey says:

    Beautiful, dear Anna. I remember your thrill building Copper Top Cottage. Love your enthusiastic joy over the simplest pleasure. Like George, we here in Michigan should also be in for a stunning autumn. Wishing us all an awesome fall. Enjoy, fun friend 🙂


  3. Local news brought in an arborist from the University of Vermont to comment on fall color, explain variables involved and make a prediction. Noticeably cooler nights,and some rain, even after a drought filled summer, brings on the color. He predicted an excellent autumn here in Vermont. I notice all the sugar maples are turning yellow right now and hillsides have occasional red standouts that catch your attention from afar.

    George Africa
    The Vermont Gardener


  4. Charlotte says:

    Looks wonderful … just waiting for autumn colours here in the UK!


  5. ~fer says:

    Beautiful colors!
    I am looking forward to autumn too, I hope i will get a little of that color in my garden with my maple.


  6. I can’t wait for autumn and all that and I don’t even live in NC!


  7. I knew there was a twist in that title, cuz I know how much you love your place. CT looks gorgeous among those flowering trees. Like you, I can’t wait for all things Autumn. It is the best season of the year in VA, too. Enjoy this season and experimenting with your new cultivars. Glad you are having so much fun after the long, hot summer.


  8. I did mean to say—Why I can’t stand–just to get your attention ;).


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