Be thinking about a get together at my house.

You bloggers who live around these necks of the woods are invited to a get together. We’re going to have a bbq and meet some  bloggers like Daffodill Planter and Carolyn Choi. So put on your thinking caps and tell me when you want to do it. I’ve got a big house and can accomodate quite a few folks. You can stay with me. I also have a huge family room where some of you could sleep comfortably.

Post here if you are interested in the event. We’ll go visit some pretty farms and orchards. We may do a wine tour too. It will be between now and the end of October.

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  1. Lynne Mann says:

    Anna – would love to know the dates – my sister Lee Stadler and I would love to do a day trip out that way and would LOVE to meet you 🙂 – I included my blog – it hasn’t been active for 2 years due to family health situations but I hope to start it again soon – it was a mix of family news and gardens ……



  2. I’ll keep you all informed and send emails if and when it happens.


  3. Joey says:

    Dear Anna, you know I’d be there in a heartbeat if I lived near.


  4. Kaaren says:

    Sounds great. Let me know a date and we will see what we can do. I haven’t finished my site but it will be up soon. Thanks for the invite. Kaaren


  5. Catherine says:

    I wish I could come and visit and hang out on your porch!! I never knew much about North Carolina until I started reading some blogs from there. Now it’s on my list of places to visit.


  6. I’d be there in a heartbeat if my mom and sister still lived there…Mom was in Fuquay-Varina, and my sis was in Apex. They moved last yr. to Delaware. It was a 5 hr drive for me. It’s just 2 1/2 to see them now. If I didn’t have other obligations during the week and on weekends (still have a 13 y.o. living here!) I’d love to come. Maybe we will get together another time. Eventually it’s gonna happen!!


  7. carolyn says:

    So you must’ve got my message, Anna? Didn’t hear back from you unless my spammer grabbed it. How far are you from Raleigh?


    1. I sent you a message on Facebook and through email. I’m 2 hours from Raleigh. Both are right off I-40. Hope to see you!


  8. If you have your get together before the 10th of October I would love to come (we leave for Florida for the winter)
    I think some members of our deadhead group at Linville Land Harbor would like to attend with me. Not sure where
    your home is located. Can you give me a clue. Sound like fun. We went on a garden tour yesterday and had a
    wonderful time.


  9. Oh, I wish! I have such a busy fall, with a couple of trips already ticketed. Maybe, if all goes well, just maybe FGG’s Get-Together Gathering will become an annual event? I hope so, cuz then maybe I could come next time.


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