Beautiful Flower Delivery from

Look at my flower delivery from Service, quality, and prompt delivery of both my arrangements was above the industry standard. I highly recommend this company. I ordered an overnight delivery and the sunflower bouquet looks like it was made the same day.

The overnight flower delivery arrived by FedEx in the most beautiful boxes.  I’m using the bottom box to store some fabric cause it just makes me smile. has a Smile guarantee. Your bouquet is guaranteed to last 8 days or your money back.

Your bouquet will arrive in a box and fully arranged. You have to remove the bouquet and fill this beautiful galvanized bronzed bucket with water. It comes packed with watered down florist foam on the bottom to keep it fresh. You remove the florist foam, remove the rubber band holding the stems together, trim an inch off the bottom of the bouquet, add the water gel packet to the bucket water, and put the bouquet back in the bucket. Easy cheesy.

The blue packet is the water gel that prolongs the life of the bouquet. Add it to the water in the bucket. Then add the bouquet. I will definitely send flowers from The bouquet came larger and more full than advertised and a few things had been substituted but the overall effect was balanced and pleasing. The changes were upgrades to the bouquet.

It matches the colors in my home perfectly. It will most likely last more than 8 days cause it is cool in this room and does not get direct sunlight.

It is so gorgeous. I ordered two bouquets. Both are full and lush–equally balanced and fresh ingredients. Many of the flowers are not open yet completely and the greenery is healthy.

This is similar to Pacific Sunset bouquet but I’ve got more burgundy than yellow. I just love it. I’m impressed too at the prices. Since I grow flowers, I understand the cost involved in growing and delivering fresh flowers. I would have to pay more than the $50 dollars cost on this arrangement if I was buying the flowers and making it myself. Excellent quality and value for an overnight flower delivery.

Consider sending a sunflower bouquet from

Both arrangements smell wonderful. They have a clean eucalyptus scent. And note that the boxes they were delivered in are sturdy and attractive. I’m keeping the bottoms for storage–the packaging is so happy and it makes receiving them such a joy. To me, the way something is wrapped when giving it as a gift is so important.

They were easy to remove from the box. Keep your hand close to the box end of the strip being removed and it won’t break on you. Took me about 30 seconds to remove the bouquet from the box. Inside the bouquet was a wooden dowel that kept the whole arrangement from shifting during shipping. contacted me just about 4 days ago asking if I would trial their product. I don’t usually say yes unless I feel it’s a quality product and good service. They gave me a coupon so I could experience the process as a customer. It all went smoothly and the site is easy to navigate. Have fun ordering for yourself or as a special gift.

Happy autumn!

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Great write up, Anna…it makes me want to order some!


  2. Joey says:

    Stunning seasonal color combo, Anna. If you say they are great, they must be!


  3. Racquel says:

    Thanks for the info, those are gorgeous bouquets! 🙂


  4. What a great bouquet and helpful tip. I have almost given up on ordering flowers online as I have heard a number of bad reports back from my recipients. This looks like a total winner. Can you check out the others and give me your opinions on them, too? Oh yeah, I guess that would be a tad pricey! Love you FGG.


  5. Randy says:

    These are stunning no question! I’ll keep them in mind next time I get in trouble with Meg, oh my that is almost daily….. Right now we have zinnias from the Carrboro Farmers market, still lovely after 10 days!


  6. Kathleen says:

    They are beautifull Anna. I am really loving the box as well. Great name, great packaging, great service ~ sounds like a winner to me. I’ll remember it for the next time I order.


    1. Kathleen, I gave my daughter in law a bouquet too and she called to say how impressively it was packed. Course she went nuts over the bouquet. Actually my son–the one who has been sick–was the first to call cause he was home when it arrived. He was impressed too.


  7. I was quite interested in the packaging. I used to work for an English florist who used to ship all over te UK, and have the flowers arrive the next day in perfect shape. But I thought the US was too large for this concept to work. Obviously I was wrong, the flowers looked in tip top shape.


    1. Yes, I was skeptical too but they are an excellent company. They were personable to deal with too. Some companies ask me to do stuff and their demeanor isn’t very convincing. But was interested in me and not just my blog. I have given them free advertising on my sidebar for a few weeks just to reward a company who makes the effort to go above and beyond.


  8. Beautiful Anna, best I’ve ever seen, and so well thought out.


    1. I thought so too Phillip. I was at your blog yesterday and loved being there. You have the most beautiful post about gardens that I’ll never have access to. Thank you for that.


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