Hydrangea Collage and drying them

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I’m drying at least one bouquet from each of my hydrangeas. Once they have opened fully you can cut them from the shrub and place them in a vase to dry. I use them throughout the summer for dried arrangements and have even spray painted a few to enhance the color if I was going to use them for a special occasion. I prefer them natural.

Cut early in the morning and then move them to a bright spot inside but away from direct light. I don’t hang mine upside down because I like the stems bent just a bit. That way the flower is facing you when it dries and not standing like a soldier.

The blooms can be cut at anytime and to any degree of color. I prefer to wait until it is fully open. Colors never stay true but do fade nicely. Hydrangeas that change colors throughout their bloom life can be collected at peak of each color and it will dry to that hue. For whites they almost always go beige. Green is the most true.

I left the arrangement you see in the middle collage above to dry just as it was gathered and made. Here is the result after a few weeks.

It has not faded much and will stay these colors for about 2 years or more. Eventually the blooms become brittle and I start all over. You can spray paint with shellac and preserve them better–but I don’t.

Some of the white varieties will turn to this tobacco color if picked before they go green.

The green above is an ‘Incrediball’ cut when it was lime green. It darkened a bit but I love the characteristics.

I am so pleased to see the ‘Incrediball’ dry so beautifully. I will be using them in wreaths and selling them at the Clemmons Farmer’s Market that I just organized. Contact me if you would like to be a part of the market.

The Clemmons Farmer’s Market will be held Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8:30 am to around 6pm. We have a facebook page and I’m working on the website. Follow along to find out when we’ll offer the first market.
Clemmons NC Farmer’s Market

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  1. joey says:

    How lovely, Anna. I so enjoy mine too, love my lasting bouquets. Good Luck with your Farmer’s Market … sounds like winner!


  2. Sandi says:

    I absolutely LOVE hydrangeas and I have one bush that doesn’t produce near as much as it used to. I usually wait until September to pick mine and the flower petals almost feel like leather and then they don’t shrink at all when dried, but you also run the risk of rain ruining them. I love them fresh, dried or any other way!! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiul pictures!!


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