Icy Cool Blooms of White Chiffon Rose of Sharon

A fabulous white for the garden and will supply superb height is this ‘White Chiffon’ Rose of Sharon. In it’s 3rd season in my garden, she is loaded with huge white blooms.

She is such a frilly lady who has kept her cool in this blazing hot summer on the NC land.

There is a light yellow, vanilla,  and lime green center to each of the mature flowers.

Multiple blooms up and down the stems with more forming regularly. It blooms for about two to three months in my garden. All my Rose of Sharon’s are in full bloom this week. A very nice break from the stifling heat to look out and see these icy cool blooms.

I am going to form it in to a tree this winter. Once the blooms and leaves are gone I’ll be able to see the main stems. It will be easier to get the form right without all the fuss in the garden.

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  1. Do you ever have tours of your garden? I would love to see it. I work with the deadhead crew in the gardens at Linville Land Harbor. Email me if that is a possibility for me and a few other deadheaders. You always give me
    so many good ideas.


    1. Valerie–thank you so much. Yes, I do tours of my gardens but it may be late next Spring before I open them up again. This heat has caused a great deal of garden stress and some plants aren’t blooming or don’t look their best. I may open them up again in late September for the fall color. If I do–do you want me to get in touch with you?


  2. daricia says:

    i’ve just started noticing rose of sharon in the last few weeks. in the past it was one of those ho-hum shrubs to me, but i love that it blooms at a time when not a whole lot of shrubs do. and yours is beautiful. i’m glad to know about that particular one. look forward to seeing how it looks once you shape it.


  3. Joey says:

    Lovely, Anna. I’ve posted my tree-form beauty too .


  4. Racquel says:

    Ooh she is lovely shade of white and I like the height, great for the back of the border. 🙂


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