Where the butterflies are

If you go tip toeing through my garden, ‘Miss Ruby’ buddleia will grab your attention. She’s working hard right now and providing lots of activity.

Trying to pass the agastache ‘Blue Fortune’ sends an uproar of bee and butterfly activity.

It’s all happening in the gardens of Flowergardengirl.

My back beds.

Flowergardengirl is also at Flowergardengirl.com and Decorate A Garden.com

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  1. Racquel says:

    I love how full and lush your back beds are this summer Anna. I really need to add a purple Buddleia to my garden, my white one is nice but I want another color as well. 🙂


  2. I totally understand why the butterflies want to be in your garden. It’s gorgeous! Someday, too, I will have one of those!


  3. Would love to see your garden sometime. I go to Blowing Rock every once in a while. Is that where you are? I live in Linville Land Harbor not too far from you. If you get time, take a look at my web site from my garden here.


  4. What great photos and your garden is looking so good.


  5. Yay for butterflies! Aren’t agastaches awesome? I got my hands on ‘Golden Jubilee’ as well as ‘Blue Fortune and they sure are bee/butterfly magnets. Buddleia, I have to treat as an annual or tender perennial; if it comes back, awesome, but more often than not, not.


  6. Joey says:

    The gardens of Flowergardengirl are stunning, Anna!


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