I’m in love with buckets

I suppose most gardeners are in love with buckets. I can be in the middle of photographing an unusual flower but if I see a bucket–I’ll make a beeline.

Why? Why am I drawn to buckets? I’m drawn to them because they are part of my heritage. I grew up in a very unique historic community. This was a common scene throughout as were the photos below. I have fond memories of seeing someone always carrying a bucket of water.

And people would gather at the town pump to discuss gossip and news. There would be several buckets and the folks happy to see each other.

I took these photos at the Pioneer Museum in Staunton, Virginia. I grew up part of my life in the community of Old Salem, NC where my great aunt had a wonderful old home. I ran and explored every inch of the old German refurbished buildings. I am a ninth generation NCer whose family settled this area of NC. I traveled on vacation to the pioneer museum in Staunton Virginia to learn more about my ancestors and how they lived in their motherland.

The Pioneer Museum is a living museum with exhibits from the homeland of England, Germany, Ireland, and many more. My family fled religious persecution from Switzerland..then to the German Palatinate..and on to the USA.

I’m drawn to the simpler life although it was more work than having a cell phone and washing machine. The pumpkin, hat, and linen covering were as much a part of my childhood as homemade Mac n Cheese.

I grew up eating from these dishes and banged my knees a million times on these table legs.

So although this beautiful German home is located in Staunton, Virginia–it’s filled with the same memories from my childhood Old Salem in NC. That’s because it was built just as those in Old Salem. The people brought their designs, way of life, cooking, and homemaking skills with them.

And so it is the buckets that trigger the most loving memories.

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  1. Ron Asbury says:

    Love Stauton Pioneer Museum. The old two story German house was my GGGG Grandfathers old home , moved to Stauton Museum from Eagle Rock, Va. He was John Barger II, Born abt 1780. I am a living history reinactor. Love gardening. Love your site!


    1. Very nice of you to stop by and leave a comment Ron. I took oodles of photos the day of my visit to the museum. Interesting that you are a living history reinactor. Don’t believe I’ve met one of you before. Fascinating. Thank you for visiting my site.


    2. Anna says:

      I’ve been sick since Aug 8 2012 and not been able to respond or keep up my blog. This is so fascinating and thank you for commenting. I love history too and have deep Irish and English roots.


    3. Anna says:

      And I have Moravian German roots too. Grew up in Old Salem, NC where many home look like your grandfathers’.


  2. Bren says:

    I’m in love with the rustic fence!
    Great share – and I love what you are doing with the ‘place’! 😉


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