Stepables brand plants in the landscape and containers


These are tough little plants that fit a variety of circumstances. Just take a look at what these Stepables look like in a birdbath with decorative glass and a vole. The vole never looked so classy. I’m assuming it’s a vole. The picture below was taken from the Stepables site where you can find several dozen more ideas for these plants.


They come in every shape and color. There are varieties for dry and wet areas. I purchased some Scotch moss. I may go back and purchase some sedum as well. These plants were bred to be hardy. They are quite popular in garden path areas where they are placed amongst the stepping stones. The path below is planted with Irish moss.




The back of the tag is chock full of information. If you want to be armed with information before you head to the garden center to purchase one of these, stop by their site. Every fact is right at the click of the mouse. Is it drought tolerant? What kind of sun requirements? How much traffic can it take? What size? Ideas about where to use it—etc! It’s all at the site, Stepables.

Normally we would be pulling clover out of the garden but this would be quite welcome. I grew the variety below and it did get a bit invasive. If you don’t want that to happen, use it in a container or rock garden.



Most all have been bred to be dwarf varieties.


I want this one! Stop by your local garden center and check them out.


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