Firefly season in the garden

Fireflies are attracted to each other from the bioluminescent flickering yellow green of their tails. You can create that atmosphere and perhaps invite a few Fireflies along for the fun. Let’s see how!

A Firefly Jar from Gooseberry Patch. Visit The Firefly Files from Ohio State and get educated on our favorite summer insect. In 1986, scientist created a Firefly plant that glows as is talked about in a Time online article. Tim Wood at The Plant Hunter talks about a Firefly hydrangea.

Make some napkins for a fun summer picnic with this Firefly material.


It’s time to create a Firefly garden. Summers are made for Fireflies and picnics on lazy afternoons sitting in the warm breezes. The little jar above from Gooseberry Patch is battery operated. Set it on the picnic table and let it create the merriest atmosphere with an evening Firefly glow.

Add an arrangement close by that will fit the theme and reflect the light.



Lancer™ Green & Yellow
Phormium tenax
New Zealand Flax by Proven Winners Plants( Search Flax combinations)

Bright Lime Green picnic dishes from Walmart!


There are Firefly Lights that actually attract the Fireflies to your area.

A set of bright yellow chairs for Firefly watching!


While watching the Fireflies and kiddos play, plan and document your garden with this pretty garden planning book from Gooseberry Patch.

fireflygardenplannergooseberrypatchFireflies like to hang out in trees so why not plant a Chinese Golden Raintree zones 7-9 close to your sitting area.



And why not attach the firefly lights to your umbrella—found at Teak, Wicker, and More

fireflyyellowumbrellateakwickermore1 Let the little ones ride around chasing the fireflies in a retro yellow cab. Teak, Wicker, and More


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