Buddleias I Like!


I love Buddleias for their butterfly attracting personality. I’m on the Monarch butterfly route and they are starving on this leg of the journey here in NC. I feel badly if they don’t have something to eat. And who doesn’t like butterfles flitting about dancing all over your flowers?

Buddleia Peacock, 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide, to zone 5

Can keep trimmed for contianers


Peacock will bloom this much the first season. It does not have to be cut back every year like other buddleias. This series called English Butterfly is bushier and 1/3 the size of a regular buddleia. The series includes Peacock, Adonis, and Purple Emperor.


Peacock Buddleia and its buddies blooms midsummer to Autumn. Fertilize in early Spring with a slow release fertilizer made for trees and shrubs. Can be cut back. Treat as a perennial in the North as it will die all the way back. The roots will not be affected. I have grown all of them and can assure you they will perform as per the pictures. These pictures are from Proven Winners Plants

About : A great new series of compact Buddleia developed by Elizabeth Keep of East Malling England. Her breeding goal was to refine the habit of butterfly bush and she achieved her goal by creating well behaved, extra bushy plants that are roughly one third smaller than the typical B. davidii cultivars. You’ll love the way they look in containers and in gardens.

More about the Proven Winners Buddleias at Spring Meadow Nursery


Buddleia Adonis


Buddleia Purple Emperor

Other buddleias I’m interested in purchasing but have not grown.


New!! Miss Ruby

Developed by Dr. Dennis Werner of the JC Raulston Arboretum in NC. Zone 5, 4-5ft tall.


White Ball buddleia grows to 3 feet! Zones 5-9

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