Kitties make walkways more friendly

Wilmington NC
This street has it all. It has a brick sidewalk, attractive plantings, beautiful homes, and mature trees. You know this took several generations of people planning and caring about how it will/would be for them and those who pass on the street. I wish this sort of thing was mandatory. I don’t mean to make a person go beyond their money and means—but everyone can keep a welcome yard. I think a pathway is one of the most important features. Don’t you?

Wilmington NC
Straight or winding? The above brick paved walkway is winding—- which I think leads your eye from one side of the garden to the other. The owners made the walkway stand out by planting liriope down the sides. It makes a subtle contrast.

Wilmington NCThat walkway above is slightly off center. That’s clever cause the door is off center to the left. Nice balance.

Wilmington nc
With a curved path, you look to the end first and then work your way back.
Wilmington nc
This home is so confident that it can split the sidewalk and dare you to look beyond.
Wilmington NC
Mossy green paths with a bit of the basketweave showing is perfectly attractive.
Wilmington NC
Maybe we’d all be in shape if this was our choice of pathways.
Wilmington nc
Before modern plumbing, the well was a treasured functional part of the landscaping. It was important to show it off properly. Some folks didn’t have a well and would have to go to the town’s approved public well.
Wilmington NC
I love the curves, the interrupted mixed brick, and the size. Some would call this a patio but what gives it away as a wide path would be that it draws you around the center planting and invites you continue walking beyond the inner circle. See the walkways that come off the main square? I would imagine that those 4 little bushes were probably vegetables or herbs back in the 1800’s when this home was built.
There are lots of ways to build a path or walkway and you’ll have to decide what suits your personality, lifestyle, home architecture, and needs.
Now this straight path needs no other explanation.
Wilmington NC

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