Hire Flowergardengirl for garden and lawn care

Flowergardengirl is a business that offers lawn care, garden design, unique container arrangements, and seasonal plantings. Serving the Forsyth, NC area with quality work and unbeatable prices.

We will do it right the first time. We will be courteous and treat you the way we would want to be treated–period.

Anna has been gardening for at least 40 years. She will decorate your gardens using new improved cultivars grown by quality nurseries. Her container ideas will set your landscaping apart from the rest. Landscaping and areas of interest increase the value of your home.

Please use the hire or contact tabs at the top of this website to start a positive journey for your lawn and gardens.

Anna looks forward to hearing from you.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Betty819 says:

    Sure wished you lived near me because I’d sure hired you to design and plant my flowerbeds! Is that plant food you sell available now? If so, please get n touch with me via email as I still want to order some. Your beds look so lush and beautiful!


    1. You are one of my favorite people Betty–always supportive and understanding my hectic schedule. I wish I lived close to you also as I’d visit very often. We would whip your gardens in shape.

      I’m out of Bloom Mix by Flowergardengirl again and not sure I’m going to carry that next season. I do have another product I’m developing but it’s for bath and body—some of the coolest and most scrumptious stuff you’ve ever put on your body. Makes my face and neck feel like a baby’s butt. 😉 I’m debuting it in the fall.

      Big hugs to you and thanks for being a follower of my website.


  2. Jane says:

    Wow, that is a stunning photo!


  3. OooWee! What a lovely photo. Best of luck with all your enterprises.


  4. Gorgeous butterfly photo! Matter of fact, I like all of your pics. Good luck on your new site and endeavors.


  5. okay, third attempt to leave a comment. (I don’t think the comments are working on your other blog. There’s no way to click them in.)

    Soooo, as I was saying: I loved this post and wish you every success with your new enterprise. The first picture is absolutely gorgeous, the colors peeking thru the yellow flowers (sorry I don’t know what they are actually called besides “yellow flowers”.) I so love your gardening inspiration–you just make the my world a better place.
    Much love and happy 4th–love this country along with you!


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