Fern and Flower Birdhouse

Come and see the birdhouses I’m making. They are themed and this one is Fern and Flowers. The next one is Shabby Chick. So far, I have 20 or so designs. Some are tall and others are itty bitty. This has a two inch opening but others will be from 1 1/2″ to 3″. There is a chart that tells you how big the box, hole, and depth need to be for different bird species.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. There seems to be no limit to the creative things you can do!! Another beautiful project squeezed in to an already rich and productive life. The bird houses are lovely and so “Anna”.
    Love your style.


  2. Lawn Feed says:

    Ooh, might have to get myself one ordered soon!


  3. Anna, you are just so darn clever;-) It’s adorable. I don’t need one just now but will keep it in mind. When the weather cools down I will be sending you my handmade gift. Still working slowly on it…but I haven’t forgotten–even though it’s WAY late;~}


  4. meghan says:

    soooooo cute! love the color!


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