A Tour of Millstone Meadows Daylily Farm

I very much enjoyed my trip to Millstone Meadows Daylily Farm in Morganton, NC. I’ve made a slideshow for you–please enjoy!

Mark with his son and daughter.

Mark’s son is studying to be a chef at the local community college but also works at a restaurant downtown.

I love Sara’s boot right outside the door ready to go. She was preparing a large meal for their guest that evening and was super busy—she’s the chef and Mark is the farmer.

The farm is set in the rolling foothills of the Appalachian mountains. It’s about an hour from my home and I’ll be going back. Sara and Mark are very charming folks and their son and daughter are well spoken about the business.

Mark dug lilies all day long and sold them in nice fat bunches. It was 90+ degrees and he said it was perfect weather for growing daylilies. He very much loves the farm. He and Sara got married here and now they have opened it up to other events. Sara caters both on the farm and elsewhere using quality organically grown produce.

Pictures taken by Anna. Slideshow produced on a MacBook Pro using Power Point.

If you are nuts about front porches like I am–then head over to Front Porch Ideas and More. While I was snapping pictures of the pretty red chairs above—I thought of Mary and Dave who travel the USA and document front porches. I think she will love the Millstone Meadows Farm front porch–don’t you?

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  1. Donna Mae says:

    Anna, We are friends of Mark and Sara, and also live in Morganton, NC (presently reading this from our home in the Philippines). It was nice seeing your presentation of their farm. I’m sure they were pleased with having you there and encouraging others to also visit them. We wish you will with your endeavors and with their growing business. Their farm is absolutely breath-taking.


  2. Loved the daylily farm tour. We are working on buying a farm again, and you are giving me all sorts of inspiration!! Enjoy your NC summer.


  3. Anna, no doubt I love that wonderful front porch at Millstone Meadows Daylily Farm. It’s so so pretty. You sure showed us a beautiful presentation of your tour of their grounds.

    I just might have to come back to take a tour myself. Would love to include their front porch and some of the pictures of their lovely grounds on our site. Everything you so elegantly presented here is picture perfect. Thanks for mentioning us.

    I bet their gourmet meals are to die for.


    1. Let’s go find out if the food is as good as it smelled the day I was visiting. Mary, I can keep you busy down here. Just saying you should move to NC. You are always welcome to visit. I’ll send you some photos to use of Millstone Meadows Farm and I am honored that you want to. Big hugs


  4. Keewee says:

    What a fabulous place to spend time wandering around.


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