Bloom Mix by Flowergardengirl showing help for Tomato Blight

I can’t make any promises but after a recent suspicious encounter with Tomato Blight, sprayed my Bloom Mix by Flowergardengirl on the affected areas and it’s gone. Bloom Mix by Flowergardengirl doubles as an insecticidal soap and will kill bugs. Bloom Mix by Flowergardengirl is engineered with microbial parts and will absorb through the cell organelles more easily than other products on the market.

The picture above was taken just last week–June, 2010. Those plants would be about a foot taller but the deer have trimmed it twice. I’ve got deer repellant out now in those cylinder containers on the ground. So far that is working. They are filled with dried blood and cause a flight response by the deer.

Last year, I experienced Tomato Blight and tested my plants with my mix and no more problems but I was skeptical that my remedy worked until—– once again this year it appeared ——A few weeks ago, I noticed what appeared to be Tomato Blight on the lower leaves of these plants. I sprayed weekly everything but the blooms. You do not want to spray the blooms as that will kill the blooms too. I removed the affected leaves and so far no more infestation.

Bloom Mix by Flowergardengirl works on almost all plants. Test an area first—works especially well on ornamental shrubs, evergreens, and flowering plants like annuals and perennials. One person reported that it burned the leaves of geraniums–so it is important to test an area first. I suggest only applying to roots.

It works by strengthening  plant cell walls so bugs can not dine freely . It works by helping the plant to grow stronger in every part of the plant thus less susceptible to disease. Roots can penetrate deeper. If sprayed directly on a pest–it works like an insecticidal soap–drying up the body parts of the pest. It’s non toxic!

It is also beneficial to the soil by energizing the microbial activity. They love this stuff!

Bloom Mix by Flowergardengirl is back in stock. Click on the link on my sidebar. Or go directly HERE to my Decorate A Garden site. will not allow you to sell stuff on their site. This is one reason I started DAG. I have other products to introduce in the coming months.

Give Bloom Mix by Flowergardengirl a try on your trees, shrubs, and flower roots. I’ve been spraying it on my tomato plants with great success. 2 oz makes 2 gallons. Add the mix after you’ve added the water cause it will foam like crazy if added first. Can be stored for several weeks.

****This is a non-toxic substance.  It is a non-ionic surfactant.  This is a soy based product from NC. I have no control or knowledge about it being made from GMO plants. Soy in NC is grown from several sources.

No detection at 1mg/kg using EPA 6010/7471 of Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Molybdenum, Nickel, Selenium, Zinc, or AOAC at  .o1 mg/kg of Phosphate (P205) or Potash (K20)

Tested in my gardens for 2 years.

Use at your own risk and this is a non refundable purchase.

My house April 2008

And today June 2010…notice the Heritage River Birch above ( which has non aggressive roots and approved for small area use)

By looking at my sidebar under My Gardens–You can see the many successful summers I’ve had with Bloom Mix by Flowergardengirl

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  1. My Bloom Mix is no longer available.


    1. jeanne says:

      Is it available now (4/26/2011)?


      1. Jeanne–I decided not to sell it this year. Honestly–it made the annuals grow too big. It works extremely well on ornamental shrubs and herbaceous to woody perennials and I’ve considered selling it just under that label. I also had folks who would not follow directions like getting it on leaves and blooms. It discolors things like geranium leaves and fades out all blooms if applied directly to them. It takes about a year before you see the results in shrubs. You’ll notice stronger stems. I do have some and if you want to purchase it— I’ll send you an invoice. You can pay by credit card. It comes in 2oz bottles. I oz makes up to two gallons. It’s $12 for 2oz bottle and 4.95 shipping in the continental US. I have about 2 gallons in stock. Makes evergreens and azaleas look just incredible. I apply to shrubs 4x’s a year. I apply directly to evergreen leaves.


  2. Roger Lalancette says:

    Please send me information on how to get your Bloom mix. I searched unsuccessfully all over for it. Thanks………….Roger


  3. Sylvia (England) says:

    Anna, I hope your Bloom mix is selling well, it certainly seems to be working magic in your garden. Sorry I can’t try it but I do admire your results – especially that birch!

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)


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