Looking back in the garden for 3 summers

The first day of Summer 2010 found me out in the garden and it was 94 degrees. One of the reasons we garden bloggers like to blog is to document our gardens.

Above is the Spring and Autumn of 2008.

Summer 2008 was the year of the Supertunia Vista Silverberry. Some people prefer my gardens this year because of the simplicity. It was very clean and neat looking–but then in 2009…I went nuts …..

In 2009, it was all about the vinca and annual salvia…but this year I have more perennials like Bee Balm seems to be everywhere. I learned quite a bit over the past two years. I’ve learned what flowers work and others that aren’t worth the trouble. This year’s look is similar to last except it has more a true cottage feel.

I blog so I can see progress and changes. I’m so pleased it has matured to this cottage look. Feels like home.

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  1. Daricia says:

    Anna, I can’t stop looking at that top photo! That is absolutely gorgeous! And look at your adorable river birch…mine outgrew it’s adorable stage a long time ago. It’s about fifty feet tall now. I still love the bright dappled shade it provides, though. You’re an inspiration.


  2. Ami says:

    You have done a wonderful transformation job over three years! I really love the look of this year. The layer, color and foliage texture combined together so nicely. I also just did a post for a one-year progress report of my garden. When we bloggers do this kind of report, we really realize how much we have done over certain period time, and what works and what doesn’t. I think to put some perennials in the flower bed as staples is a good idea, so that we don’t have to make the drastic changes all the time when the season changes. I love playing the annuals into the bed so that we also see the changes of the bed. Thanks for sharing!


  3. tina says:

    That is my look exactly. Love it!!!


  4. bangchik says:

    Over three years, there is quite a change, as the garden matures. Neat and lovely. ~bangchik


  5. I love that cottage-y look, too. Your garden is gorgeous, and I love the way it has changed thru your three summers. I’m also glad that you’ve documented it because it is really enjoyable to see the possibilities. I picture you enjoying your happy Summer days with spade and camera in hand, your two essential garden tools.


  6. Sylvia (England) says:

    Your garden’s development is amazing. I can’t believe how high the trees have got in 2 years, I hope they don’t get too high for the border. Your soil improvements and feeding has really paid off, you must be so pleased. I love the way gardens develop and over the next few years this one will change again, especially if it becomes more shady. Thank you for sharing this with us, I have really enjoyed watching your garden grow, but it doesn’t seem like 2 years since you moved in!

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)


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