Azurri, Chiffon, Satin Rose of Sharons by Proven Winners Plants

‘Azurri Satin’ Rose of Sharon by Proven Winners Plants is a repeat performer in my garden. In fact, all the Rose of Sharons are doing well. They are blooming now with the ‘Incrediball’ hydrangea. Take a look at the varieties gowing in my garden.

White Chiffon

Sugar Tip

Blue Chiffon

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  1. Linda says:

    Fabulous blooms! Blue Chiffon is to dream about. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I was so thrilled last summer when I read the PW tag that said these are deer resistant. I paid $16 for a big ‘Blue Satin’ and planted it in the deer resistant garden…where, after a few weeks of allowing me to enjoy the blooms, they ate it down to nothing. Shovel-pruned. I was sad. The blooms were just amazing.

    Glad to see you can grow them so well and enjoy them.


  3. What a beautiful flower shape and gorgeous colours.


  4. I have the blue ROS from Proven Winners. It is not blooming yet, but I am training it to be a standard. I found a leader limb and cut all the other branches off, now it is about 12 inches up from the soil line and branches from that point. I have had very good luck doing this, I just trim any low branches and it gives me a nice small tree I can plant under…. plus it takes less apace in my borders. Just an idea….Brooke


  5. Ami says:

    Very beautiful rose of sharons! I especially love that blue chiffon, very unusal color, and just gorgeous!


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