What is Flowergardengirl up to??? again!


Won’t you come with me and sit on the porch? It was so hot today but I was out enjoying the garden and pulling weeds like mad. Then I got something cool to drink and sat in the swing. We gardeners and those who pay someone to do it for them live for this moment don’t we?

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So what am I up to?…well….alot of things actually.

1. Working in the garden lots more. 2. Developing products for the Flowergardengirl name–soaps..home scents…cute things for the garden. 3. Trying to get a farmer’s market in our town. 4. Making some nurse’s outfits for my DIL and a few other folks I know. 5. Making some quilts. 6. Enjoying my oldest who moved back to our area.

So you can see there is lots coming up—more flowers to post about cause it is the season…. and new products by Flowergardengirl on the horizon.

Thanks for stopping by today.  And could you do all us gardeners a huge favor??? You all know we need more quality gardening shows on TV. Well Shirley Bovshow, EdenMakers Blog, is working hard on that. She has entered a chance to be a host for Oprah’s new OWN TV. Shirley put together a video for the opportunity and she also interviewed with the staff today. So go vote for Shirley HERE! A vote for Shirley is a vote for gardeners everywhere.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh how beautiful everything is. I do not usually leave comments all the time, but I read all of your posts and you have such a lovely garden. I can just imagine how beautiful it is in person. God bless….Brooke


  2. Dave says:

    Pictures look great! You’re one busy person!


  3. Your garden is looking lovely. You are doing some great things Anna but be careful not to overdoit!


  4. deb says:

    I love your porch


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