Rusty Deer are Invited to the Garden

This is the kind of deer you don’t mind having in the garden. And there is something about rusty items that is so attractive. These deer don’t seem to be causing any permanent damage. I like the contrast plantings–especially the lambs ears.

The two deer are grazing in the front corner of The Hemlock Inn of Blowing Rock North Carolina. The rooms are decorated nicely with quilts and modern amenities. All the Inns of Blowing Rock are neat and clean. It feels like you’ve stepped in a 50’s time frame with today’s luxuries.

The Hemlock Inn is located just off the main street of BR. You don’t need a car once you get there.

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  1. Cinj says:

    Those deer look neat. Not much deer damage up here this year, but the bunnies are a whole ‘nother story. I thought a dog would keep them in check, but apparently I was wrong…


  2. I jjust love that there are artists in the world who create such thngs. These deer are very cool. Tell me more about Blowing Rock–I’m curious and I love vicarious travel.


  3. Love them, they look really good Anna.


  4. MUCH less destructive than the deer we currently have zipping around the property 😛


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