Old Car Memories


I remember this before it was a museum piece. Be it a hot date or a family night out, the big old cars of yesteryear are very desirable today. I’ve had fun in the front and back seats.

In the late 1950’s drive-in theaters were all the rage. You could pile a bunch of folks in one of these gas guzzlers.

And the trunk held a small elephant. My mom and dad would travel from NC to FLA in about two days. We’d stop in GA if dad was really tired. Some trips we made it in one day. Most of the time I had the backseat to myself. I had 3 brothers but they are much older than me. These trips are some of the best memories.

I would pack a suitcase just for my Barbie stuff. Seat belts were not used and it could be a huge place to play. I had Midge, Skipper, Ken, and lots of clothes for all of them. My grandmother taught me to sew and my dolls were adorned with all kinds of outfits.

Do you have memories of the bygone days when girls on roller skates delivered food to a tray on your window? I do ;). The pictures today are from our day trip to Old Salem, NC. It was community day and we saw some very cool old cars on display.

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  1. Ginny says:

    I have many fond memories of trips as a child in our big Buick. My brother and sister and I would sleep on the floor (over the hump), on the ledge between the back seat and the rear window, or on the actual seat. My baby sister was up front with my parents. No seat belts. No air conditioning. I hung my head out the window and sang, thinking no one could hear me. HA! There was a coil hanging across the back of the front seat. We’d unhook one end and play “beauty parlor.”


  2. Jen says:

    That is one gorgeous vehicle. I was at a show and shine last summer, and got tons of great photos of cars. I love the chrome, and the shiny parts.

    I think that my Mom, and Dad had a behemoth just like that when we were kids.



  3. Nell Jean says:

    My nephew has TWO ’55 Chevys, running and rolling. I reward him with family heirlooms when he takes me for a nostalgic ride.

    My best memories of classic cars in their heyday is double-dating with a boy whose father owned a new DeSoto.


  4. We had one or two of those roomy old cars back when I was a little girl. As you say, no seat belts to bother with! Lots of room to lay down and watch the telephone poles go by out the windows. My dad would put me on the steering wheel with my legs dangling through.and let me “drive”. One of my favorite childhood memories. I liked your slideshow. You’re such a techie!


  5. Vara Buchanan says:

    We have a ’56 Bel Air convertible and take it to shows like this one in Texas. I love our ’56
    and my hydrangeas. Thanks for the pictures, Vara


  6. deb says:

    I remember flying down the road in ta Jaguar my parents had when I was little. That car broke down ALL the time.


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