Me and Aunt Debbi are walking to the moon

Update July 24–my Pretty Much Picasso did not make it. The heat and humidity of this summer were too much for it. Actually, I’m getting reports from all over the country that they are having trouble with this plant also. Most folks say it shrivels up and the blooms don’t open all the way. I promised I’d be honest–so there you have it.

Original message—-Here you see agastache ‘Golden Jubilee‘ and ‘Pretty Much Picasso’ petunia paired together. The lime outer edges on the petunias look pretty nifty with the lime in the agastache. Aunt Debbi and I are pairing up for a pretty spectacular journey.

Debbi from Aunt Debbi’s Blog and I are walking to the moon with others who sign up at Purdue University’s site. She and I decided we’d get in shape and are hopeful to lose a bucket full of pounds along the way. Purdue wants people to count their steps and together we can reach the moon and good health in the process.

I commented on Facebook yesterday that there is a need for me to lose about 50 pounds. Debbi said she wanted to lose a few too so I teasingly said–well let’s walk to the moon or something. Debbi got right on the matter and found the Purdue group. This is going to be loads of fun and more successful than me trying to be accountable to myself.

Debbi and I are encouraging each other to walk daily and watch our calorie intake. I’m not a dieter but I do know how to eat better and make more wise choices. I think Debbi is like minded on the subject. She has a lot of fresh vegetables from her garden in Texas and this is the perfect time to eat more of them.

Thank you Debbi. I am really looking forward to the journey with you. I will be there for you too.

Debbi and I are going to record our process on Facebook and our blogs.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    I just joined you all! 🙂
    I love Propel water. I need to lose some weight too, have the exercise part down but need to make better food choices and get my portions under control. Thanks for starting this Anna. I should just join everything you do!


  2. teresa says:

    I added my 5000 steps to the website. I am now officially joining you on your walk tothe moon. It’s amazing how many steps you take on a walk. I used their calculator because i need to find my pedometer. I will try to keep up with you guys.


  3. Eileen says:

    I am growing that petunia also Pretty Much Picasso. Is it splitting for you and not completely opening?



  4. deb says:

    So Glad we decided to do this. I worked out on the elyptical machine for 40 mintues this afternoon. I always feel so much better when I get in a good exercise session


    1. That is wonderful Debbi—40 minutes is a very long time on one of those. I am finally feeling better than every and can tell it in my efforts these days. Took me a long time to get over the gall bladder mess. I feel better than I have in years minus the extra weight. We are on our way.

      I’m gonna blog about the weight loss too. I’ve switched to Propel water cause it only has 10 calories and is good for ya–well much better than sweet tea. I love lemon flavor. I think we should make Propel the official water of our –Walk to the Moon fitness journey? Want to?


  5. Excellent! We are walking and stretching with yoga. It feels great. May not make it to the moon, but would love to lose 15 lbs myself. I’ll be encouraging you onward and upward!


    1. Ok Karen and I appreciate the help–we are committed and gonna do it. I will hold your feet to the fire too. Wish I could do yoga—there is a place in town I might check out after I lose the first 25. Right now I can’t reach my toes to bend over until some of this extra is gone.


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