Blowing Rock NC gots lots of flowers

When I was a little girl, I use to say–gots lots of….so it was fitting for my recent trip to Blowing Rock with Mary and Dave Morris from Front Porch Ideas and More. They came to visit and I loaded them down with North Carolina porch living. Mary and I paused for a pose in my garden as they left to go back home to Tennessee. I sure miss those two–they are very energetic and so passionate about all things porches and more on their site and in their life. They are the real deal.

The Homestead Inn of Blowing Rock, NC has an award winning garden. I can certainly see why. Have a look at their website and peek inside. Adorable in every aspect with its color quilts and floral themed bedrooms. But it was the gardens that stole my heart.

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  1. M Light says:

    Thank you for posting wonderful photos of the Homestead Inn! We used to stay there every spring, until our family got too big to fit into one room. The rooms and the gardens are lovely and relaxing, and we always felt better after staying there.


  2. I always enjoy your travelblogs. I am glad I am so close to NC and maybe one day I will get to go to some of the intriguing places you’ve shown us. Very cool.


  3. Jan says:

    We used to stay at the Homestead Inn when we first started going to Blowing Rock. It was great seeing your photos. It brought back many good memories.

    Always Growing


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