Nigella flower and its outer space looks

Doesn’t the Nigella flower look like it came from outer space? When it is done flowering, it closes up and forms a seed pod that is equally as odd.

I have quite a few of these seed pods around my garden and I don’t mind the thoughts of them spreading one bit. I’ve enjoyed having them this Spring. The seed pods are quite pretty added to flower arrangements.

Now isn’t that an odd and unusual flower?

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  1. So true. They do look something from outer space. I have the blue nigella. Will try the purple/pink one next year.


  2. I’ve never looked at them like that, but they do look a bit alien.

    I’ve got the common blue ones which seed themselves about a bit.

    Great photos by the way.


  3. Jan says:

    Lovely flowers and photos.

    Always Growing


  4. Favorites here, too. I love them and don’t mind the seed pods. I’m letting them dry to collect.


  5. gail says:

    it’s certainly an interesting looking flower and the seed head is, too. Your photos are splendid….gail


  6. A friend gave me a few of these flowers this year. Never able to get them to grow from seed myself, I’m taking advantage of hers. Yes, they do look like they’re from outer space.~~Dee


  7. nancybond says:

    It really is unusual and, yes, rather alien looking. 🙂 But it sure is purdy!


  8. Catherine says:

    I love these flowers. I bought a few years ago and they’ve just continued to reseed every year.


  9. teresa says:

    That does look like it’s from outer space! Very cool flower.


  10. Amazing photos Anna, what a flower.


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