Bloom your fool heads off!

Wow, bloom your fools heads off why don’t you? This is ‘Arizona Sun’ and blazing strong in my back gardens. Mr D and I got married in a July sunrise service in Arizona. We rode off in the sunset to San Diego, California for our honeymoon.

They probably named this flower in our honor. We were hot stuff back then. I was 19 when I met Mr D. We met at the-IN–window for a pharmacy. He was the pharmacy technician.

We were both in the Air Force. I was a mechanic on the flight line working under the hot Arizona sun and he was dressed all in whites working at the base pharmacy.

I got tennis elbow from working on the flight line equipment and was getting a prescription filled for pain killers. He took my number from the pharmacy slip and two months later we got hitched.

I called my daddy and said—I’ve met the man of my dreams and we’re getting married in July. Momma had a cow cause she wanted a pretty big wedding. I was the only girl of 4 children.

I was independent as all get out. Graduated from a technical school at 17 and enlisted to the Air Force that same summer. I was not gonna stay in my home town cause the world needed me. Well daddy was old and liquor was his best friend at the time. He had a good heart for folks but he was not interested in what I wanted to do in life and had pretty much sent me on my way at age 16. I have lived on my own since that time.

Rather odd really that I even made it this far in life. Daddy told me at 15 that girls were meant to get married and settle down. I was expecting him to pay for my college and everything.

Once he told me that…..I was determined to get as far away from his expectations as possible. So in the 11th grade, I left and entered a program to get my HS diploma through a short course at the local community college. I only needed English and two other things to graduate. I did it in 4 months I think.

I did it working full time at a furniture factory making buttons for sofas and living on my own in a little one bedroom trailer. I knew this was not an arrangement for me so off I went to see the folks at the USAF office.

The recruiter was tickled pink to have me. He had a quota to meet for females in the Air Force and he didn’t care if I didn’t meet every requirement for the physical part. Back in 1976, the women’s movement and the government said anything was possible.

I was all for that and off I went to meet life head on through the USAF. My brothers were good mechanics—especially my youngest. He taught me alot about engines and racing cars. He could really work on them and made a career of it.

He died a couple of years ago from a brain tumor and I will always believe it was because of all those fumes he inhaled over his life. I was right there with him for the better part of it. I’ve witnessed many a car being started with ether. That is a powerful smell you don’t forget. A fun one too.

He and I would go out to the garage behind our house and work on those old cars together. I was his slave but I did love him lots. He was very quiet and I was very talkative. He had many a friend who came by just to be around him cause he put everyone at ease.

His name was Ron. Ron passed out under the hood of many a truck or car due to not getting out of the way of ether. It’s highly flammable and once sprayed in a carburetor was a sure fire way to get the pistons moving and all things set in motion.

We were under the hood of a 57 chevy once and it fired up and we hooped and hollered all around the vehicle for what seemed like a good long while–all due to the ether I suppose–we were never that happy other times the 57 started.

I didn’t know till I was about 50 years old that ether could do such a thing but thinking back now…wow…I can see a lot of times we got real happy about stuff and silly too.

Ron locked me in a goat house for 9 hours. I dared him to do it. I figured I could get out and then he forgot about me. The goat was on the outside looking in and wondering. We had goats, chickens, and rabbits. Thankfully I did not ask to be locked in  rabbit pin. Daddy discovered me when he went out to get firewood. Daddy cursed me as badly as he did my brother for doing it.

So Ron and I had lots of adventures. He said he wanted to sail off in a boat and leave his crazy wife last time I spoke to him. That was when he still had his right mind. The only good thing I ever heard him say about her—was she made good biscuits.

I have Ron to thank for meeting Mr D. If it weren’t for Ron teaching me the way around a toolbox–I would never have met Mr D I suppose unless you believe in fate. So the Air Force gave me a test to see what I was good at when they were considering me way back in 1976.

I was good at building an engine–knowing my tools and wrenches–and I could even do electronics. Funny thing is—I never knew how much I knew. I thought it was just being a good Southern girl to help out a brother when he was under the hood.

In July of 1978 we got married under the Arizona sun in a little base chapel. Mr D was in love with my cut off overalls. That’s what I was wearing when I got the prescription filled and that it what I wore when I worked on cars with Ron.

Ya’ll stay tuned—there might be a lot more about me you don’t know. Later 😉

And I can garden too…..This picture was taken yesterday May 23rd, 2010. Below is ‘Priscilla’ by Proven Winners Plants. I use it every year. Smells wonderful and much better than ether. Bloom where you are planted no matter the situation.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. joey says:

    Anna, you are a dear and I love you. Your stories are rich as is your charming garden and loving life with Mr. D.


  2. Nell Jean says:

    It’s good that you met Mr. D and turned out to be a girly girl after all.

    It got to zero degrees on Christmas Eve in Atlanta once. DH called for us to come pick him up. When we got there, clouds of ether were hanging frozen in the air where he had tried and tried to coax that diesel engine in his truck to start.

    I’m waiting for the only gaillardia from all the seeds I planted to bloom. I am hoping for a double, or at least one as colorful as yours.


  3. Gail says:

    Dear Anna, What an adventurous journey life is when we are willing to take leaps of faith! Your garden looks wonderful and I thank you for sharing ~I love listening! xxgail


  4. Sylvia (England) says:

    Anna, I love Priscilla too and grow it most years. It does really well in my pots and baskets. Catching up with my reading after a holiday!

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)


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