‘Incrediball’ hydrangea is Incredible Blooms!

The incredible ‘Incrediball’ hydrangea by Proven Winners Plants was a mere 5″ potted shrub the summer of 2009. Now look what it is accomplishing and the blooms are yet to be fully open. That is ‘Pink Chablis’ lamium by PW that is growing just in front.

I have the ‘Incrediball’ growing in 3 different light situations. The one above is only receiving 4 to  5 hours of full daylight sun. It does get very hot and dry here so it needs a bit more water. It will wilt and tell you when it’s thirsty which can be once a day if temps are over 90 ish.

There are 4 PW hydrangeas in this corner. Starting at the front right–‘Limelight’ –right next to it, ‘Pinky Winky’–on to ‘Incrediball’ just left of the middle–and on the very left corner of the house is the precious ‘Little Lamb’.  ‘Incrediball’ is going to fill that entire area of the middle corner so I’ve given it room. There was a white Knock Out rose there or there still is but it is not getting enough light. Has to be moved.

The above ‘Incrediball’ gets at least 8 hours of light and located on the rt. front corner of my home. I expect it to be a showcase piece. Looking at the various stages of the blooms–looks like it will bloom for a very long time.

And here…an’Incrediball’ growing in mostly shade. Not as many blooms and not as tall—but it will catch up and be taller than those bee balm plants to the right. The combo will be—well–awesome of course. So now you have it—This hydrangea will perform in quite a few situations. Nice huh? I told ya!

I will continue to post about this all month/s and show you results until it starts to fade. If you are enjoying this series–I would love to hear from you.

These plants were sent to me by Proven Winners Plants for me to test in our zone 7A environment. I am just loving it.

First post and further information on this shrub HERE.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anna,
    I will never look at a hydrangea bloom in the same way again. I love how your photos bring out the beauty of these plants. That first picture of the white bloom in all its glory is fantastic.
    Thanks for sharing with us….Mary


  2. joey says:

    Very nice, Anna … love the combo with ‘Pink Chablis’ ! Happy ‘hot’ May 🙂


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