Gold Finch at the feeder

Look who came to the feeder. Well–actually–at one time there were six. Some were purple finches and there was one female bunting. I’ve never had a male Painted bunting–that would be so cool.

We have loads of cardinals. The males are going nuts protecting their territory.

The nigella seed pods are just as pretty as the flower itself. Don’t you think?

My gaillardia is blooming like crazy. I would bet this is ‘Arizona Sun’

Veronica ‘Purpleicious’

And this guy checking me out…a purple finch

And also in my garden, spider webs on my euphorbia.

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  1. Bee-autiful pics–how I enjoyed them. The birds and the flowers seem to just love you. Me too! Happy Day, FGG.


  2. Wow- what great closeup’s. Fantastic.


  3. oh my gosh those pictures of the birds are so cute! The last one is almost scary though- he looks like he’s out to get you! Your front porch is looking fab as well– what kind of vine do you have growing on the columns?? Looking for something that I can try that is easy…


  4. Diana says:

    Great bird photos! Love that Goldfinch. We have lots of them, too. Had 1 male painted bunting 2 years ago – saw him twice – so fleetingly. No photo but it’s a sight I’ll never forget!


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