Calycanthus Sweet Shrub teaches us to be graceful


Being graceful according to the Sweet Shrub means dancing lightly on the limbs. Here we see three sweet ladies with their petticoats flowing gracefully no matter the age of the lady. Each is smelling her best and showing her feminine side quite eagerly. They have come to the big spring event at the barn and brought with them the power to steal the show.

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  1. Betty819 says:

    Seeing this sweet shrub makes me homesick and brought back fond childhood memories of going to Adelaide’s, the nearby seamtress, to try on a new dress that she was making for me. Outside her side porch door, where all her customers entered, was a hugh bush of sweet shrub. As I would leave to go home, I would ask Adelaide if I could pick some to take home to Mama and of course, she always agreed. I’d walk home, less than 500 yards probably with a stem in my hand and a flower stuck behind my ear, like in my hair. By the time I sniffed that stem in my hands many times before I got home, my hands smelled so strong with the wonderful fragrance. I would put that stem in a small glass of water as soon as I got home and it kept the house smelling so good for days. Why didn’t I think to root some of those stems? Recently I attended our garden club meeting and one of the persons in charge of refreshments that evening, had long stems/branches of sweet shrub lying on the table and I’d never seen one growing in this area before. Seeing that topped off our evening.


  2. Daricia says:

    Anna, I LOVE your new design! The bg color is one of my very favorites. Easy to navigate, too. Such a poetic post about calycanthus – I need to get that shrub!


  3. I love the way you’ve personified this shrub;-) Very clever! And I must tell you I really like FGG’s new look. The color is way cool too!


  4. nancybond says:

    Anna, I love the new look! Beautiful! And the photos are amazing. Gorgeous.


  5. joey says:

    A post as sweet as you, dear Anna! I like the ‘facelift’!


  6. While the flowers of Calycanthus are pretty, I don’t need to see them to enjoy them. They have the best scent.


  7. Nell Jean says:

    There’s just no way to adequately describe the fragrance of Sweet Shrub, is there? When they are at just the right peak of perfection, it wafts about and draws you to the shrubs.


  8. I like the new design Anna, very easy to use and those Calycanthus are lovely.


  9. Nancy Hanna says:

    These are wonderful! Botanical artists bliss… fantastic and would be so fun to paint! Thank you Anna! ox N Now, I think I am signed up! 🙂


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