Wild Birds Unlimited of Winston Salem, NC

Birding is colorful and rewarding and made so much easier with the help of the folks at Wild Birds Unlimited in Winston Salem, NC.  John and Diane Bell are the owners of this fun store where your opportunities to dream up a bird paradise are endless.

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Diane has owned this store for 14 years. She has some happy customers both human and otherwise. There were two rescue cats there on my visit, several birds outside feasting on fine seed, and then the real folks who brought pictues and stories to share.

Diane calls her customers by name and shared some bluebird pictures from one patron. Under the main counter are hundreds of bird photos from the many people who buy their supplies from this store on Hanes Mall Blvd at the Pavillions Shopping Center.

Diane is a gardener along with her love of birds and animals. Her fist home in Texas had a beautifully maintained lawn but no life. She removed all the sod and planted things that would attract wildlife. She grew roses and herbs and made their lawn a backyard habitat. Diane was also a beekeeper which I loved about her. She was committed to a friendly environment for all.

After Texas she and John moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma where she friended a turtle and named it Toby. She says that he would come if called and went on to say something that some of you gardeners might not like so much unless you heard her tell it.

Diane had also friended 13 raccoons and fed them mini marshmallows. She would entertain local school groups who came to tour her gardens by showing them how the raccoons came scurrying from everywhere when she announced to the woods that mini marshmallows were here.

While in Oklahoma, she started a non profit group called, Make Every Home a Habitat which operates under another name but is still active today. To get folks excited about joining such a group, Diane started a garden tour. The first tour had 5 gardens to view and certainly inspired new members to their cause. She published a monthly newsletter educating the public on the benefits of having a habitat for nature.

Diane has a warm and inviting personality and her smile spreads throughout her store. The store has colorful displays of birdhouses and feeding stations that make you want to throw your birding budget to the wind. I’m awfully glad that when John and Diane decided to leave Oklahoma and make their way across 1o possible Wild Birds Unlimited destinations—they chose Winston Salem, NC. What good fortune for me!

In Oklahoma, Diane worked at a Wild Birds Unlimited. She’s the only person I’ve met who got their job after only interviewing once and being in town less than 20 days—but she was a natural at nature–and one day she and John decided to open their own store. They looked up the areas available and then set out to see which felt like bird heaven.

Diane says she knew the minute they came off Interstate 40 and arrived in the area that this was the place–she knew this was the place that needed them and a Wild Birds Unlimited right here in Winston Salem. And to top that—a bluebird found them a home. You’ll have to ask her about that!

The location is perfect and close to the mall, elegant shopping, and fine food. It’s a fest for man and beast. Congrats Diane! I enjoyed the interview and my visit with you today. I look forward to many trips to your store.

I’m new to birding and clueless about the operation but learning fast about their easy to use pole system.  The poles snap together and you can create lots of feeding staions but also add holders, hooks, and platforms that meet a number of functions. I sent my family there to buy all my birthday and Mother’s Day birding needs.

I see from their website that John is the overall expert and in charge of repairs. He wasn’t there today but I understand he is one of the backyard birding design experts. I can tell you though–they all have the gift of helping customers create the best designs and needs for your challenges in attracting wildlife to the yard.

I recently received several gifts from here and we know nothing about birding. Heidi, Diane’s daughter,  helped to guide my husband and sons on a productive shopping experience.

Wild Birds Unlimited in Winston Salem, NC is a one stop source for all things in the world of birds. Be sure and click on the picture to enlarge it so you can see the full display of everything from finch feeders to their trademark pole systems.

Below, are the two smiling experts who run the show. Diane on the left and daughter Heidi— who was intently searching for more cool stuff to showcase in this fabulous place. I very much enjoyed chatting with them.

I touched up the picture just a bit below–hope they don’t mind…..I wanted to give Diane a black shirt to match Heidi’s. And I like how it matches the flag display in the background. Aren’t they the coolest people???

This birding is gonna be fun—thank you guys!!!

Meet Diane Bell and her daughter Heidi Poublitz of Wild Birds Unlimited in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

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  1. Brian says:

    Wow, looks like a great store. Wish they had one around here, or something even remotely similiar.

    What did the people think when they saw you taking pictures inside the store?


  2. yae, the huge store will all that i love and cant live without ummm mum i want to be there :
    not to shop pls…..


  3. Ginny says:

    My daughter gave me a gift certificate to the Wild Birds Unlimited in Chapel Hill for Mother’s Day. I can’t wait to shop and use it!


  4. Kathleen says:

    I love our Wild Birds store too. They are so awesome. Glad you have a great store nearby Anna and that you’re getting into birding. You will really enjoy it.


  5. We have one of these stores, but I’ve never gone in to see what was going on. You’ve sent me on my morning expedition. I want my yard to be a habitat, too!


  6. What a great place and lovely people. I love watching the birds in the garden but must admit I’mnot always sure what they are. Unfortunately so does my cat.


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