The day I missed church

I missed church on this particular Sunday, but I didn’t miss the message.

I took this photo on a vacation last summer in Staunton, Virginia. It was early on a Sunday morning and as I passed this church the doors opened and out came the pastor or minister you see to the left.

He was unaware I was there. His first action after leaving his flock–was to bow his head and give thanks. A member of his flock stands observing this—I stand observing this–and surely the Lord is present.

I felt it all—I felt like church was right there at that moment cause it was real and the moment was so beautiful. A pastor giving thanks and the picutes tells so much about his servitude to this church.

Notice the geraniums so perfectly tended. Notice the member of the church lovingly smiling at his pastor. Notice the well kept older building.

Notice that God speaks in volumes even when only two are looking. And I am thankful that I see this every day—thank you Lord. The message was be still and know that–He is. He just simply…is.

I wish we all could be still a moment and just enjoy the presence of God.

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  1. karen johnson says:

    Love it. Such a great reminder to the most basic kind of worship–prayer. Inspiring. Thank you for that. I’m back from Maui, got my flowers fertilized and my geranium pots hanging on the porch. It cheers me so. Nature offers another kind of worship.
    Love you.


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