Got slammed for planting this River Birch

I wrote a post–well several–about the River Birch ‘Heritage’ in my front beds. Well along the way and all the while bragging on this tree, it never occured to me that someone might question my sanity. This tree will get huge. It has a potential of 30ish + feet.

On a previous post, someone questioned my decision and said the roots of this tree will damage and invade my foundation. They told me I should have done more research on what to put here.

She just didn’t know me—I did my research. I looked here: HERE and discovered what would work for this area. I may have to trim the top of this birch but it will never invade my foundation. It has a fibrous shallow root system and upon further research—I discovered this variety of roots will turn away from a solid foundation such as mine.

So just to clear things up—see this link: HERE This tree is approved for areas around sidewalks and parking lots.

The area where it is growing stays damp and can be flooded. There is a french drain running below it for those times that area does flood. I redirected the water to the back of the house.

Here is the original post where the lady questioned my senses if you care to read that post:

Original Post

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  1. Munawar says:

    That is an amazing looking tree. I just planted one in my back yard that is 3 feet tall. I can’t wait to see it get as big as yours.


  2. A River birch is one of my favorite trees. We use them often in the landscaping work we do. They grow fast and the bark is great for winter interest. As Deborah suggested we trim the bottoms up too.

    You made a good choice and will love it. By the way you have a beautiful home and landscape


  3. Sunita says:

    What a beautiful tree! I wish I had one in my garden or anywhere close by. I’m glad your tree is not going to be destructive.
    I love it when decisions made without really thinking about it, turn out to be the right one in the end. Your tree had better be glad that you paused to do some research when you heard something negative about it!


  4. nancybond says:

    Your tree looks *perfect* right where it is, and healthy to boot. Your gardens are so lovely, Anna…I’d love to sit on your porch with you and just drink it all in. 🙂


  5. Catherine says:

    It’s a beautiful tree! I’d love to have a birch tree one day, I love their bark.


  6. deborahelliott says:

    I think your river birch will look nice, though you probably will need to limb it up as it grows. We planted river birch beside our drive, and they are in the 30 foot stage now. We have removed some lower limbs so passing cars and trucks can go by safely. They are beautiful trees with interesting bark. We have enjoyed ours a lot.


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