My ‘Snow Storm’ spirea

It took about 2 years before I fell in love with my ‘Snow Storm‘ spirea. I couldn’t find the perfect spot for it until last year. Actually, I gave up on it and buried it hap hazzardly in this location.

This is a spot that gets hot mid day sun but is shaded in the am and again in the afternoon. This spot tends to be very dry. I do have to water this plant about 3 times a week when it gets in the 90s. You’ll know cause it will droop.

It just started blooming in my zone 7a garden and will do so for about a month. I find it to be a bit leggy planted alone so I propped it up with my bench. I think it would be better planted in a group of 3 or more.

You can see what I use to grow such strong plants here….

Bloom Mix by Flowergardengirl

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  1. I love Spireas, though usually grow ‘Bridal Wreath’. This is a lovely one.


  2. Enlarge the first picture by clicking on it to see the ‘Snow Storm’ spirea next to the bench.


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