The Tomato Plants will be tied in this fashion


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If the frost doesn’t kill my tomato plants tonight, I’ll be using this method to stake them up. I saw this cross tie at Old Salem, NC which is a community built around the mid 1700’s. My family has lived here since the first settlers came in the 1750’s and there are two cousins who still live right in the heart of town. I do not see them often and both are distant cousins but it is still pretty awesome to say that you are connected to a community more than 200 years old.

It is a very photogenic place and I go often. On this trip, I found these cross beam post and thought it was perfect for my tomatoes. Some of my tomato plants are scattered among the flower gardens. I also have two rows of tomatoes planted with carrots with each row having about 20 plants. This will be perfect don’t you think?

I am going to trim my tomato plants this year. I’ve not ever done that but saw it suggested in a book. Instead of having loads of vines, I’ll have more plants and less branches. It allows more sun to shine on the tomatoes down deep inside the plant. Hopefully it will produce a tastier fruit. I’ll let you know.

So what do you think? With the tomato plants tied in this fashion and trimmed, will they produce a tastier fruit?

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  1. Penelope says:

    I love the rustic look of these and the symmetry, too! I planted just one tomato tepee for the first time a month ago so I have no wisdom but will be checking on your progress over the summer! I posted a pic of mine here


  2. Very neat! It’s also a great way to use the natural resources at your disposal.


  3. Jen says:

    This is so nice, Anna. I may try it too since I need a new staking method. The other one I was considering was the “Florida weave” but I think this is a little more attractive. Plus, I think I could do it with the bamboo poles that I already have! Thanks so much for sharing that!


  4. Randy says:

    This is a sweet system for tomatoes. We have a single tee pee like that right now with 3 foot tall Sugar Snap Peas growing in it. My dad always told me if you pick the suckers of the tomatoe plants the fruits with be more plentiful.


  5. Yes. A tomtoe truss needs air and a strong trellis in my experience.


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